Art Study Tours

We’re trying a new kind of program out this winter, which you may have noticed: Our series of five Art Study Tours, which bring you behind-the-scenes into various institutions, collections, and artists’ studios.All five events this winter focus on paper, parchment, and plant life as raw material for tool making. Students can sign up for the entire series or just for one class, each taking place on a Thursday afternoon during the months of January to March. We kicked the series off with a trip to The Scriptorium- part of the Three Faiths exhibition at the New York Public Library. 
Master Calligrapher and Illuminator Karen Gorst curated the Scriptorium, as an accompanying educational tool, and she brought the arts of parchment making, ink and pen making and illumination to life in her presentation about these materials and their role in the production of fine medieval manuscripts. 
Member Laurence Fayard sent us an email after the tour: “It was an incredible opportunity to listen to Karen’s explanations about Vellum and pigments in the special exhibition Scriptorium. Her talent in Illumination shown in one of the videos, as well available online, is a performance in itself.  The major exhibition Three Faiths is a treasure that must be seen more than once.(Thanks Laurence!)
Our second event was February 3rd, at the Grolier Club, a gallery talk and presentation with
Ann Kalmbach, Co-Founder, Women’s Studio Workshop and Terez Iacovino, Artist, about the exhibition Hand, Voice, & Vision: Artists’ Books from Women’s Studio, at the Grolier Club. After a tour of the show, we learned more about the Women’s Studio Workshop‘s ArtFarm Project, which was developed to experiment with various plant fibers not usually associated with hand papermaking. The project has been in operation since 1999; we got to see work made at the studio using fibers grown in the program, and learned more about how the program has developed. (There’s a lot more information here, if you’re interested.)

Next up is a studio visit to Dobbin Mill papermill, the base of operations for Robbin Ami Silverberg: artist, hand papermaker, and proprietor of Dobbin Mill Books. Dobbin Mill is a hand papermaking studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, founded in 1989. Her studio offers spacious facilities: a professional papermaking studio, an artist book studio, a courtyard for working outdoors, and a papermaker’s garden. The focus of the work in the Mill is the production of Silverberg’s artwork. It additionally produces the paper used in Dobbin Books’ artist book collaborations. We’ll be meeting there to learn more about her work, and about the hand papermaking process on Thursday, February 24, at 3pm.  You can register online here, or by calling the Center. If you’d like to learn more about Robbin, her website is here.
Coming up next month: a tour of the Garden and the Shed up at the Cloisters, and also the Thaw Conservation Center at the Morgan Library & Museum. Yee-haw!