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Courses are listed in alphabetical order by class title.

8 x 11 : Making Books in the Classroom
Elegant, simply assembled book structures can be made with the papers that you have in your classroom right now. In this two-day workshop Krieg will walk you through the steps of both making and effectively teaching a variety of book structures that will nicely showcase the talent of your budding authors. Projects shown will include the origami-folded pamphlets, accordion books, books with pockets and pop-ups, and rubber band and shoelace bindings. Decorative techniques, inventive ways of inserting drawing and text, and ways of integrating book content with structure will also be presented. Curriculum related sample books will be on hand to direct and inspire you.
November 13 & 14, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm       Paula Beardell Krieg       $220/$245

All About the Accordion
The accordion is perhaps the most versatile structure in the world of bookbinding. As a full-page spread or as a minutely pleated piece of paper, it displays both pictures and words in an immediate and Zen-like game of mountains and valleys. We will spend two days folding and sewing, and occasionally dipping into a bowl of paste, as we construct a set of five small models. Beginners welcome.
October 30 & 31, Saturday and Sunday 10am 4pm       Barbara Mauriello      $220/$245

Artist's Books: Alternative Structures
This class is ideal for those students interested in exploring their own personal vision through traditional and alternative book making methods. Each student will create a personal narrative by using paper, cloth and 3-dimensional objects. Alternative structures will be explored in conjunction with stamping, stenciling and various surface treatments. To my fellow "pack-rats", I encourage you to bring all of those miscellaneous items to enhance your personal vision. Found images, text and objects will also be available during class. All levels welcome.
October 6- November 10, six Wednesday nights, 6 - 9pm       Benjamin D. Rinehart      $275/$300

Basic Bookbinding
Learn to make a classic clothbound hardcover book. The flatback case opens flat and is suited to a slim volume of poetry or a hefty dictionary; to a tiny miniature book or a really big book. For beginners, building a flatback case is a good introduction to hand bookbinding fundamentals. Those with more experience will review and refine skills to gain confidence in one of the standard structures of bookbinding. Bind a book any size you wish, either blank or bring prepared signatures.
Section 2: July 31 & August 1, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm       Susan Mills        $220/$245
October 16 & 17, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Susan Mills        $220/$245

Basic Bookbinding in Leather
When properly tanned, leather is an excellent cover material for books - it is durable, flexible and allows for traditional finishing - the blind and gold tooling of letters and decoration on book covers. And despites its reputation for being "difficult" leather can be easy to work with. Building a traditional quarter-leather or half-leather case bound book is a good introduction to the basic tools, techniques and principles of hand binding with leather.
November 20 & 21, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm        Susan Mills        $220/$245

Bookbinding for Artists
This intensive, beginning workshop is designed to enable artists to use the book format in their work as a means of expanding, preserving and restructuring ideas. Students will make four to five books, including an accordion book, a long-stitch book, and variations on the pamphlet binding, as well as a simple box (or two). The properties of bookbinding materials will be discussed in detail. Beginners welcome.
October 18 - 22, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm        Barbara Mauriello       $450/$475

Bookbinding for Teachers
This one-day workshop is designed for teachers of 7 - 12 year olds, with methods and techniques that may be modified to accommodate other age groups. We will spend the day creating classroom-tested and kid-approved book structures that are quick, simple and mess-free. We will also explore simple pop-ups and how to incorporate them into books. You will leave with a variety of book structures and ideas for including book arts in your classroom. No previous art or bookbinding experience necessary.
Section 1 (fall): September 19, Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Stephanie Krause       $115/$140
Section 2 (fall): December 4, Saturday, 10am - 4pm       Stephanie Krause      $115/$140

Bookbinding I
This introductory ten-week course will familiarize students with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing and gluing) of bookbinding. Students will make several books, including pamphlet bindings, multi-section books, a simple enclosure, and books that become great journals, sketchbooks and albums.
Section 1: September 30 - December 16 ten Thursday nights, 6 - 9pm        Nancy Loeber        $450/$475
Section 2: September 27 - December 6, ten Monday nights 6-9pm        Sage Reynolds        $450/$475

Bookbinding I Daytime Workshop
This introductory five week course will familiarize you with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing and gluing) of bookbinding. We will make several books, including pamphlet bindings, multi-section books, a simple enclosure; books that become great journals, sketchbooks and albums.
October 18 - November 15, five Mondays, 10am - 4pm        Susan Mills       $450/$475

Bookbinding I Intensive
This introductory week-long course will familiarize you with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing and gluing) of bookbinding. We will make several books, including pamphlet bindings, multi-section books, a simple enclosure; books that become great journals, sketchbooks and albums.
Section 1 (fall): October 4 - 8, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm        Nancy Loeber        $450/$475
Section 2 (fall): October 11 - 15, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Susan Mills        $450/$475
Section 3 (fall): December 6 - 10, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Laurel Parker        $450/$475

Bookbinding II
This class is a direct extension of Bookbinding I. While reviewing skills learned, such as rounding and backing, we will extend our sewing vocabulary to include concertina and other album structures and variations on the pamphlet binding. We will also make a box and pay a visit to the Kensol hot stamping press. Bookbinding I is a pre-requisite.
September 29 - December 1, ten Wednesday nights 6 - 9pm       Sage Reynolds       $450/$475
NOTE: BBII also offered as a weeklong, daytime intensive as an ongoing, five-week Monday daytime workshop.

Bookbinding II Daytime Workshop
This five week class extends the practice of Bookbinding I skills. We will begin by reviewing a flat-back case binding, then explore several structures utilizing more advanced skills - rounding and backing, working with leather or pleather, hand sewing headbands, gilding edges and simple gold tooling. Bookbinding I is a pre-requisite.
October 21- November 18, five Thursdays, 10am - 4pm       Susan Mills        $450/$475

Bookbinding II Intensive
This week long class will expand upon skills learned in Bookbinding I. Students will complete two traditional binding structures: a tight back binding sewn on raised cords with laced in boards, and a transitional trade binding with a cloth hinge and a hollow back, both with a quarter leather spine. Bookbinding I is a pre-requisite.
Section 1 (fall): October 11- 15, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Larry Lou Foster        $450/ $475

Bookbinding II Intensive
This weeklong class extends the practice of Bookbinding skills. We will begin by reviewing a flat-back case binding, then explore several structures utilizing more advanced skills, such as rounding and backing. Given time, we will learn about working with leather or pleather, hand sewn endbands, edge gilding and simple gold tooling. Bookbinding I is a pre-requisite.
Section 2 (fall): Nov. 29 - Dec. 3, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm        Susan Mills        $450/$475
NOTE: BBII also offered as a five-week, daytime workshop and as a ten week, evening workshop on Monday nights.

Boxes and Portfolios
This introductory course is designed for artists, librarians and everyone who loves books. Participants will construct several storage containers: paper boxes, a two tray drop spine box (a clamshell box), and a portfolio. The details of box making, such as recessing decorative panels and transforming special fabrics into book cloth, will be taught.
November 8 - 12, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Barbara Mauriello        $450/ $475

NEW! Bound & Boxed
With this three day intensive workshop, learn how to make four different structures; a flat back journal, photo album, photo frame & a drop spine box. We will work on both traditional and contemporary approaches to making these "bound & boxed" constructions. Even if you have made books before, this class will demystify the problems that commonly occur. Bookbinding techniques of folding, sewing, cutting, covering, insets, chiseling into boards, cutting window frames and building in 3 dimensions will be discussed in detail. All levels welcome!
November 17-19, Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Benjamin D. Rinehart        $275/ $300

NEW! Changing Wheels, Image Dissolves and Slides
In this one day workshop Emily Martin will introduce the various techniques used by paper engineers to make one-image change into another. The secrets of Victorian wheels, turning wheels, slides and dissolves will all be revealed. Using provided patterns students will construct models of these techniques and then progress to constructing their own moveable images using their own drawings and/or photographs. October 23, Saturday, 10am - 4pm        Emily Martin        $115/$140

Coptic Binding
Coptic is an ancient style of binding that adapts beautifully to modern materials. This versatile binding style is the perfect option for using wood, metal, plastic or other unusual materials for covers. Completely non-adhesive with an exposed spine, Coptic books lay flat when opened and can be expanded to a full 360 degrees. We will fold, punch and sew three text blocks, each using a different cover variation. We will also learn to bend needles into the necessary shapes to sew these timeless books. No previous experience necessary.
November 6 & 7, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Susan Mills       $220/$245

Cut, Cover and Stitch I
A great class for beginners! Learn to make four different handmade books in one weekend. Explore basic bookbinding techniques of folding, sewing, cutting, and covering books. You will produce a non-adhesive book using the pamphlet stitch with paper - over-board cover, a pop-up accordion, a flat back journal, and a star accordion.
October 2 & 3, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Benjamin D. Rinehart        $220/$245

Cut, Cover & Stitch II
Another great class for beginners! If you enjoyed the first session, you'll love the second. Learn to make four different handmade books in one weekend. Explore basic bookbinding techniques of folding, sewing, cutting, and covering books. You will make one version of a traditional Japanese stab binding, a photo album, a non-adhesive Coptic stitch and a pocket accordion. NO Prerequisite.
October 16 & 17, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm        Benjamin D. Rinehart        $220/$245

Cutting Through
This one day workshop will introduce the participants to papercutting as a creative tool. We will use positive and negative space for stenciling on various surfaces. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects and images and we will use papercuttings to explore their graphic possibilities.
October 25, Monday, 10am - 4pm        Beatrice Coron        $115/$140

Diorama and Carousel Books
Learn to construct these panoramic books, where the 3D scenes are revealed in multi-layered openings that recede into space. Viewed through a window or other intricate opening, creating multi-dimensional visual experiences. No experience necessary, just bring pictures and ideas.
December 10, Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Maria G. Pisano        $115/$140

NEW! Ethiopian Binding with Leather Carrying Case
Following a tradition that continues today, we will shape and drill wooden boards for the sewn in board binding. Leather endbands will be woven and sewn to the book through the leather covering. And the leather covering and turn ins will be ornamented with tooled patterns. We will spend the second half of the workshop building a leather carrying case that will protect your book from leaky roofs, spilled coffee or that bad dog.
September 13 - 17, Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm        Shanna Leino       $450/ $475 + materials fee of $55.00

NEW! Flexagons
A one day workshop exploring and explaining the many varieties of flexagons. Flexagons are mathematical models made of folded paper. Math phobics fear not, all will be revealed! Hidden inside each flexagon are concealed faces, which appear, disappear and reappear as the flexagon is manipulated. These fascinating structures present many possibilities for combining words and images. Students will make models and also construct their own individual examples using their own drawings, photographs, rubber stamps, collages etc.
October 24, Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Emily Martin       $115/ $140

Gift Books, Cards and Ornaments
Don't worry about last-minute shopping, this class focuses on a variety of gift ideas for any occasion. Learn to hand-craft books, cards and paper ornaments all in one weekend. Explore the basic bookbinding techniques of folding, sewing, cutting and covering books. Feel free to bring in photocopied images, paper scraps and embellishments to incorporate into the designs. A fantastic class for beginners to the experienced!
November 13 & 14, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Benjamin D. Rinehart        $220/ $245

How to Bind Five Eggs
Learn to make an inventive, hand-bound, cloth-covered book structure that is both a book with pages of text and a box. When opened, the visual flow from the text to the final hidden shadow box expresses ideas that complement the text. During the first day the class will assemble prototypes with shadow boxes to contain 3-D collage objects. On the second day each participant will design a custom book structure using varying sizes and depths to suit one's own creation. Participants do not need to have a fully realized concept before the class.
October 9 & 10, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Kumi Korf        $220/$245

Illuminated Manuscripts Weekend Workshop
They only illuminate Bibles, right? No! Manuscript illumination is a set of techniques developed in the Middle Ages. The brilliant colors, supple parchment, and luminous gold catch the eye and demand complete attention. Small and discrete or overwhelming in scope, illuminations delight the eye. Using traditional designs or images from their own work, in one weekend students will create a small illumination while learning all the steps in the process.
October 9 & 10, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Karen Gorst        $220/$245

Italic Calligraphy & Handwriting
Learn the fundamentals of using the broad edged pen for writing italic calligraphy. Beginners and intermediate level welcome.
October 28 - December 2, five Thursday nights, 6:30 - 9pm       Karen Gorst       $220/$245

Japanese Bookbinding
Learn a variety of Japanese binding techniques using traditional Japanese papers and fabrics to produce unique works. Construct side-sewn binding and through-the-fold structures, as well as a special cloth-covered folding box to hold the books. The end result is a beautiful, boxed set of books.
September 18 & 19, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm       Yukari Hayashida       $220/$245

NEW! Japanese Style Bookbinding with Hardcovers
Students will make two books bound in Japanese binding techniques. One is an accordion book and the other is a 4 holes side-sewn with Japanese paper hinges. These books are good for photo albums or scrap books. Students will also make their own book cloth and paste paper for the covering materials.
November 20 & 21, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Yukari Hayashida        $220/ $245

Library Style Binding
This is an introductory course in leather bookbinding. Students will build two books starting with sheets of paper or "signatures" of a book to be rebound. We will sew the signatures on tapes, make 'made' end papers, then round and back the books, and attach split boards before covering the spines in leather. One book will be quarter-bound and the second one will be a half-bound book. Students will be introduced to the tools and methods used in traditional English style binding. Students are encouraged to bring paper for the text part of the book or the unbound, cleaned signatures of a book you would like to rebind in the new style. Bookbinding I is a pre-requisite.
November 9 - December 14, six Tuesday nights, 6 - 9pm        Sage Reynolds       $275/$300

Long and Link Stitch Binding
Students will learn the principles for the design and construction of these functional and decorative bindings. Pam will share her photographs and research into historical long and link stitch bindings, as well as many models. Participants will bind two books. The first stresses the basic elements of the style. For the second, each person designs her/his own structure to practice the array of possible features - stitch styles and combinations, secondary sewing, flaps, ties, and buttons.
November 6 & 7, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 4pm        Pamela Spitzmueller        $220/$245

Miniature Books III
Building on Miniature I and II, and embarking onward to explore more structures and content. We will make all the stuff we couldn't get to in the previous class, from one page books to shaped books and books that have more complex constructions. We will also make some enclosures to house your creations.
Sunday, December 5, 10am - 4pm       Maria G. Pisano        $115/$140

Paper Marbling
This course will teach the basics of water-based (Turkish) paper marbling using acrylic and tempera paints. Learn how to prepare paper for marbling as well as basic marbling techniques. You will then have the opportunity to make your own marbled papers. We will also examine a variety of marbling patterns. Students who wish to marble their own specific types of paper should bring them on the first day of class to be prepared for marbling on day two.
September 11 & 12, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Lauren Rowland      $220/$245

NEW! Paper Treatments
Formerly a weekend intensive, this course is being extended into a week-long paper extravaganza. Students will learn about paper composition and properties as they learn the following techniques for treating or using paper: itajime (Japanese fold-and-dye), wax and other finishes for paper, image transfers, embossing without a press, paper-to-paper and paper-to-cloth laminating, adhesives for paper, and more. The class will take a morning field trip to learn more about paper and will make a small book consisting of all their experiments for their future reference. This class is for paper lovers of all backgrounds and disciplines.
December 13-17, Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm       Laurel Parker       $450/$475

Paste Papers
Discover the fun of drawing through paste infused with color on paper that yields wonderful patterned designs and layers of colors. The preparation of paper and pattern making will be presented, followed by time to experiment with creating your own unique decorative papers. Consideration will be made for the wide application of this medium, from end sheets and book or box covers, to textile designs and wall coverings. Beginners welcome.
September 18, Saturday, 10am - 4pm       Sage Reynolds       $115/$140

Portfolio Workshop
In one day, we will make two portfolios in different styles, both with ties. One will be quarter-bound in paper and cloth, the other half-bound with ties and flaps. Students will be shown how to laminate paper and fabric, and options for variations in flaps. The end result will be two portfolios, one with flaps and ties, one with pockets for holding standard sized papers, photos, certificates or small drawings. This class will lay the foundation for you to make portfolios of any size, covered in decorative paper or cloth of your choice. Beginners welcome.
September 23, Thursday 10am - 5pm       Sage Reynolds      $115/$140

NEW! Slipcases
The traditional slipcase is often used to house limited editions. When made with an interior wrapper, a slipcase is an effective protector of rare books. This workshop gives students an opportunity to hone their skills in measuring, cutting, gluing - real basics. Each student will make two slipcases, one with a wrapper. We will discuss the techniques used to make rounded back slipcases. Time permitting we'll cut insets for labels. Sign up and add this standard box style to your repertoire.
October 30 & 31, Saturday & Sunday, 10am- 4pm        Carolyn Chadwick      $220/ $245

Soft Cover Leather Bound Books
Bind books and be creative designing covers by using simple yet exciting techniques. Use hand-carved linoleum as well as found items to press into the leather, creating original works. Dye leather in the color of your choice. Decorative end sheets, a headband and your hand-dyed leather make this book your very own.
October 2 &3, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm        Biruta Auna        $220/ $245

Stencil/Pochoirs "Printing with Paper"
Learn the historical art of stenciling. Using favorite photos, drawings, and newspaper clippings, participants adapt these images to make their stencils and create multiples. During this class we will explore the use of positive and negative space and the different ways of the stencil; learn how to have multi-color images; printed on paper, textiles and more. For beginners or for advanced students to challenge your skills.
November 15 - December 6, four Monday nights, 6 - 9pm       Beatrice Coron       $220/$245

NEW! Toolbox with Collapsible Cradle
Participants will construct a collapsible cradle for punching sewing holes that folds flat and fits into a slipcase.The tool box is made from archival corrugated board and designed to accommodate the slipcase and will allow you to custom build compartments, boxes, and dividers with elastic bands to secure items. Bring your tools and custom make a box to fit your needs.
October 8, Friday, 10 am - 4 pm       Denise Carbone       $115/ $140 + $15.00 Material Fee

Tunnel Books
A tunnel (or peephole) book is an accordion of pages bound on two sides and viewed through a central opening producing a 3-D effect. In this workshop, students will lean the basics of designing and constructing a tunnel book by exploring the exciting possibilities for adapting this format to each person's own style. Historical examples will be presented in a short slide lecture.
December 4 & 5, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Carol Barton       $220/ $245

Two Books in a Box
These two small, chunky books- both based on historical models are a celebration of the joys of sewing. The tacket binding and the Long Stitch Binding, sewn into paper cases, are defined by the links of colorful stitching parading up and down the spines of the books. The box is built to protect and to display both volumes in a single family house. Beginners welcome.
October 23 & 24, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4 pm       Barbara Mauriello       $220/$245

Wood Covered Books
Inspired by books from the middle ages which I studied in Ireland and Italy, I'll introduce participants to three structures developed based on traditional bindings. We'll begin the week slowly and build on our skills culminating with each participant completing three wood covered books and leaving with the inspiration and skills to create many more. Basic bookbinding skills required.
November 1 - 5, Monday- Friday, 10am - 4 pm       Peter Madden       $450/$475 + Materials fee of $25.00