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The Artist's Book: Concept and Direction
This workshop offers direction in the planning and creation of your artist's book. Together, we will problem solve both process and conceptualization of our book projects. Various printing methods will be demonstrated and used, including drypoint, monoprinting, letterpress, woodcut, and wood engraving. There will also be demonstrations of various binding structures. Students will receive personal attention on their individual projects and work on making a book dummy. Suitable for all levels of experience.
October 18 - November 22, six Monday nights, 6 - 9 pm       Mikhail Magaril      $275/$300

Beginning Letterpress Intensive
Learn the fundamentals of hand typesetting and letterpress printing while creating a spontaneous, collaborative print or broadside. Designed for those without prior printing experience, this workshop will cover setting lead type by hand and the mechanics of printing with the Vandercook. In addition, you will learn options for printing illustrations. The group will explore how to compose a page using the press as a design tool and investigate the subtleties of paper, inking and impression.
Section 1: Sept.11 & 12, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm        Jessica Kahle       $220/$245
Section 2: Oct. 9 & 10, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Jessica Kahle      220/$245
Section 3: October 30 & 31, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Champe Carter Smith       $220/$245
Section 4: Dec. 4 & 5, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Sara Parkel       $220/$245

Digital Letterpress Project Workshop
Need help preparing and printing an editioned letterpress project? Learn how to prepare digital files for photo-polymer printing/artwork for magnesium plates, and print a small edition from polymer, magnesium, linoleum or wood type. Previous printing experience helpful but not essential.
October 12 - November 30, eight Tuesday nights, 6 - 9pm        Roni Gross        $355/$380

Guillotine Training Workshop
In this 2-hour workshop you will learn to operate the Center's motorized guillotine paper cutter. The guillotine makes it easy to cut large stacks of paper and to trim the edges of books. Completion of this course (or a waiver) is required for authorization to use the machinery.
Section 1: October 3, Sunday, 4 - 6pm       CBA Staff       $50/$75
Section 2: November 4, Thursday, 4 - 6pm       CBA Staff       $50/$75
Section 3: December 5, Sunday, 4 - 6pm       CBA Staff       $50/$75

Hands on History of Type
When is a font not a font? Where is the lead in leading? Learn the historical why as well as the how. Hand set metal & wood type and print on Washington, clamshell and cylinder letterpresses.•Moveable type ended the Dark Ages and ushered in the Renaissance with literacy for the people, paving the way for the industrial revolution. See examples of early printing. Learn about 12th century Korean type. Print cards, broadsides, Dada & Futurist games; individual & class projects.
September 15-November 3, eight Wednesday nights, 6 - 9pm       Dikko Faust       $355/ $380

The Handwritten Text
Embarrassed by your handwriting, but like the look of a hand-written text? Want to use handwriting to create a one-of-a-kind book, but would rather use someone else's? Writing rhythmically and re-designing unsightly, illegible letters, noticeably transforms your writing. Then, experimenting with different pens and speeds, learn to express different tones of voice. By the end of this workshop, you•ll have a new relationship with your handwriting and learn to develop writing that is fit for a manuscript!
October 24, Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Karen Gorst       $115/$140

Holiday & Greeting Cards from Photopolymer Plates
Design and print handmade cards to send for the holidays and other special occasions. Each participant will design, and print their own cards on the Center's Vandercook proofing presses using images they develop before class begins. The Center will have plates made and you can print your own greeting cards. Designing unique envelopes and mailers will also be covered. You will leave with a stack of beautiful cards to send to admiring recipients. No previous printing experience required.
November 13 & 14, Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm       Roni Gross       $220/$245 + materials fee of $40.00

Introduction to Photopolymer Plates
This course is designed for those familiar with graphic design (any platform and software are ok) interested in using digital files for letterpress printing. The class will walk you through all stages of the process - from computer design considerations to printing on the Center's Vandercook proofing presses. NOTE: the first day of this workshop is held offsite in Brooklyn.
November 20 & 21, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm       Earl Kallemeyn       $220/$245 (+ a materials fee for plate and film)

Japanese Water-based Woodblock Printing
Create images using the ancient traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style of printing by hand, still widely used in Japan today. We will carve simple images into blocks and print them. We will make multi-colored block prints using a variety of carving techniques. The use of proper tools (carving, brushes and others), quite different from those used in Western printmaking, will be thoroughly discussed. Each student will make two or three prints in small editions during the workshop. Suitable for all levels of experience.
November 15 - 19, Monday through Friday, 10am - 4pm        Takuji Hamanaka       $450/$475

Letterpress I Workshop
In this course you will learn the basics of hand typesetting and letterpress printing. We will cover the essentials of good presswork, including inking, imposition and impression and move on to discuss typefaces, paper, incorporating illustrations and adding color. You will develop your own small composition, such as greeting, business or postcards and, time allowing, complete a second project. Bring words and ideas to class and be ready to roll up your sleeves.
Section 1: Sept. 16 - Oct. 28, six Thursday nights, 6 - 9pm       Sara Parkel       $275/$300
Section 2: Nov. 10- Dec. 15, six Wednesday nights, 6 - 9pm       Sara Parkel       $275/$300

Masterclass in Typography
Students should bring to the first session a typographic project they are currently working on or one they have completed. This might be a book, a poster, a font, or something else. The medium might be digital or metal, and the work can be at any stage -- pencil sketch, laser proof, press proof, or finished. A further project will be assigned at the Saturday session, to be worked on overnight and reviewed on Sunday.
October 16 & 17, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4pm       Robert Bringhurst        $370/$395

Monotype Workshop
Monoprinting is a painterly way of printing that allows for translating orginal drawings and compositions into prints. We will explore various techniques in creating monoprints, including brushing, rolling, stenciling and working in color and black and white, using the Center's Vandercook proof presses.
September 13 & 20, two Monday nights, 6 - 9pm      Elena Laza       $115/$140

NEW! Printing the Miniature Book
Explore the unique qualities and challenges of printing a miniature book. Learn type composition, imposition and lock-up techniques to print a whole book at once. Book design and illustration techniques for the small format will be discussed before students begin typesetting and printing. Letterpress I or some previous experience on the Vandercook is preferred. Please come with ideas and text in mind.
October 2 & 3, Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm Champe Smith $220/$245

Printshop Renter Training Workshop
Learn how to care for our Vandercook proof presses in this short workshop. Topics to be covered include proper press inking and cleaning, roller height adjustment, changing the tympan paper, as well as the Center's general rules for working in the Jane Mead Timken Printshop. Required for printshop renters.
NOTE: Prerequisite: at least one weekend letterpress printing workshops, Letterpress I Intensive, or Letterpress Project Workshop (if you have other letterpress experience, let us know).
Section 1: October 3, Sunday, 6 - 8pm        CBA Staff       $50/$75
Section 2: November 4, Thursday, 6 - 8pm       CBA Staff       $50/$75
Section 3: December 5, Sunday, 6 - 8pm       CBA Staff        $50/$75

Rubber Stamps: Make Your Own
Rubber stamp is a relief process, like woodcut, and has the advantage of being highly portable - you can carve and print anywhere. Its many uses include: stationery, business cards, artist•s books, and imagery for drawings or larger prints. The class will review black line and white line approaches, as well as multi-color techniques. We will also experiment with oil-based inks, stencil printing, composite images and various papers. Students should bring drawings and photos to class. Beginners welcome.
October 23, Saturday, 10am - 4pm        Rand Huebsch       $115/$140

Typesetting and the Platen Press: Small Projects
Business cards, invitations and other small projects are easy to do on a platen press. Set lead type by hand, learn to fit it into a chase, and letterpress print editions of your own design. Hands on workshop that will offer the chance to do one or two simple projects over the course of two evenings. Students can continue in further sections of the course to do more projects under the instructor's guidance. Beginners welcome.
September 18, Saturday, 10am - 4pm      Richard Meneely       $115/$140

Two-sided Paste Papers
In this workshop we will learn and then expand upon basic techniques for creating colorful patterned papers. Paste papers developed in 18th Century Germany, have much potential beyond their traditional use as decorative papers for book and box covers and end sheets. We will create "two-sided" papers using handmade mulberry paper for use in subsequent projects.
September 19, Sunday, 10am - 4 pm        Rory Golden       $115/ $140

Wood and Metal Type in Combination
Develop your skill in printing different sizes and kinds of type all at once. We will mix wood and metal type together using single and multi-colored inking. Wood and metal letters have unique physical properties that, when mixed, produce endless possibilities in effect and composition. We will address how to integrate image and text together, incorporating text compositionally on a page, next to an illustration, or by itself. Please bring along words you'd like to print - an announcement, poem or poster, and any special papers or drawings on which you would like to print. No previous printing experience necessary.
December 6 & 13, two Monday nights, 6-9pm        Elena Laza       $115/$140

Papermaking Workshops at Dobbin Mill in Brooklyn

Working at the Speed of Light: From Paper to Book in Two Days
I know it sounds impossible, but in just two days we will combine innovative sheet forming techniques with non-traditional binding methods to create one-of-a-kind books! Papers can be made with doors, pockets & windows -- so when finally dry they immediately function as a rich component of an artist book! And the binding can be done from beginning to end IN THE WET STAGE! So, when the papers are dry, voilá, a book! As I've always said: a book is that much more exciting if planned in the vat!
November 6 & 7, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm      Robbin Ami Silverberg       $220/$245