2003 Instructors’ Exhibition

Organized by Jody Alexander.

Exhibition Checklist:

  • Canalis Opusculus: Abecedary I
    (2001) Handmade gampi; packed sewing on split thongs; wax, artificial sinew.
  • Canalis Opusculus: Volume VI, Fractured Book
    (2001) Handmade gampi; packed sewing over cords; wax, artificial sinew, hemp cord.

Barbara Barnes Allen

  • Hawaii
    (2003) Handmade paper; dowelled flap book; acrylic paint and rubber stamp

Mare Blocker

  • Crazy
    (2002) “Quilted”/sewn paper; accordion bound; fresh water pearls, milagros, silk thread, found objects, money.

  • Lament
    (2003) Broadside from a linoleum block and metal type.

Carolyn  Chadwick

  • Full Creel
    (2003) Deluxe edition bound in Nigerian goatskin and marbled papers housed with portfolio in clamshell box

Beatrice  Coron

  • Impatient Patient, The
    (2003) Inkjet print, papercutting; handmade paper

  • La Cigarette
    (2003) Papercutting; handmade paper; accordion binding

Ruth E. Edwards

  • Circus, The
    (2002) Colored cardstock; imprinted book cloth, open spine, ribbon tie

Dikko Faust & Esther K. Smith

  • 2002 Datebook
    (2001) Letterpress from wood and metal type on Lana Laid paper with coptic binding; rubber flooring

  • 2003 Datebook
    (2002) Letterpress on Hahnemuhle Ingres paper with coptic binding; large type constructed from 6 pt. rule; small type is Kaufmann Bold; Peretti rubber flooring

  • Question/Answer T-shirt
    (2002) Letterpress from antique wood type

Rory Golden

  • First Step Prayer Book

Roni Gross

  • The Shadow of a Fish
    (2001) Letterpress printing and watercolor kitikata; loose binding; mingei and Japanese cloth

  • Wedding Announcement
    (2003) Letterpress; bockingford – gampi

Takuji  Hamanaka

  • Beginning #1
    (2003) Water based wood block; kozo paper

Jessica  Kahle

  • Overtures Print Portfolio
    (2003) Etching, letterpress, and other techniques

Kumi Korf

  • An Amphora and a Fish
    (2003) Intaglio print and letterpress; Akatogashi paper; stepped accordion spine

  • Five Eggs
    (2001) Intaglio prints, photo copy; hinges at spine; found objects, foamcaord and binders board

Stephanie Krause

  • Toast Attacks, The
    (2003) Toast; ink and graphite on Arches cover paper; accordion binding

Paula Beardell Krieg

  • Motherhood Daze
    (2002) Color copied collages of original drawings using various paper decorating techniques; braid binding

  • Surround Me with Color and Fleeting Obsession
    (2003) Paste papers and gel pens; Arches text laid; accordion on ribbons; beads, glitter, heat embossing, bookboard

Hedi Kyle

  • “Of Echo”
    (2003) Stencilling; working drawings on vellum paper; Elephant hide paper

  • CFBL Folds
    (2003) Letterpress, gocco on dur-o-tone paper; experimental binding; cardboard, N-V-Ultra paper

Joe Landry

  • Don Juan
    (2001) Designer binding; full black goatskin; red leather and white alum tawed goatskin onlays; blind and gold tooling; hand-worked headbands

  • Traite Des Arts
    (2002) Cambridge panel binding; bound in full calfskin; dyed and sprinkled, blind and gold tooling; hand worked headbands

Elena Laza

  • Telepathy Without the Words I
    (2001) Monoprint and collograph; Rives BFK paper

Shanna Leino

  • Untitled
    (2003) Hemp cloth; coptic binding with weaving ebony and linen thread

  • Untitled
    (2003) Monoprint and printed wood on linen and silk cloth pages; coptic binding with weaving

Emily Martin

  • Fly Away
    (2003) Inkjet & pouchoir; sakamoto paper; Japanese accordion variation

Barbara  Mauriello

  • Parchment People
    (2002) 17th & 18th c. parchment; “house of cards” construction with embroidery and buttons (box). Rounded case binding with embroidery and buttons (book)

Richard  Meneely

  • Platen Press Postcards and Note Cards
    Letterpress (platen press); photopolymer plates and dingbats

Susan Mills

  • Green Notebook
    (2003) Japanese Momi

  • Pink Notebook
    (2003) Japanese Momi

  • Red Notebook
    (2003) Japanese Momi

Maria G. Pisano

  • XYZ
    (2001) Handmade paper with watermark letters design; abaca fiber; accordion book in a case binding

Sage Reynolds

  • Portfolio with Flaps and Ties
    (2003) Sage’s Pastepapers and Stonehenge; half-bound paper and cloth

  • Portfolio with Pocket
    (2003) Sage’s Pastepapers and Stonehenge; quarter-bound paper and cloth

Benjamin D.  Rinehart

  • One Nighter, Two Nighter, Three Nighter, Four Nighter
    (2003) Color laser prints with hard covers; 4 book set; working proofs

  • Sissy
    (2003) Digital prints based off of watercolors; Photo Matte paper; perfect bound with hard cover; working proof

Miriam Schaer

  • Terra Incognito from the series Atlas of Surgical Operations
    (2002) Altered book, hand cut pages; beaded binding; glove driers sewn on cords from Atlas of Surgical Operations

Cheryl Ann Shackelton Hawkins

  • Cultural Autobiography Diary, The
    (2000) Mixed media; work in progress includes student work from 2000 to the present

  • Cultural Autobiography Source Book, The
    (2002) Computer generated text and photos; accordion; small books attached to surface of pages

Robbin Ami Silverberg

  • Swish
    (2000) Computer-generated text and imagery on Dobbin Mill handmade rag paper; balsam wood; waxed linen

Pamela  Spitzmueller

  • Pompeii
    (2000) Watercolor, drawing, letterforms; watercolor and flax paper case; reversed stitched on cover

Donna  Thomas

  • Hawaii
    (2003) Handmade paper; dowelled flap book; acrylic paint and rubber stamp

  • Sacco and Vanzetti
    (2002) Handmade paper; dowelled flap book; acrylic paint and rubber stamp

Peter  Thomas

  • Hawaii
    (2003) Handmade paper; dowelled flap book; acrylic paint and rubber stamp

  • Sacco and Vanzetti
    (2002) Handmade paper; dowelled flap book; acrylic paint and rubber stamp

Harriette Washington-Williams

  • Lights, Camera, Action
    (2002) Mixed media

  • Time and Ages
    (2002) Mixed media

  • Wisdom from the Mother Land
    (2002) Mixed media

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Views

yellow triangular accordion book
Fly Away Emily Martin
yellow trianglar accordion book
Fly Away Emily Martin
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