The Traveling Artist: Journals by Lydia Rubio

Wooden box with the word Journey stenciled on it
Miami Geneva (external view of box) by Lydia Rubio, 2000

The Center for Book Arts presents The Traveling Artist: Journals by Lydia Rubio.

This exhibition features artistic documentation of artist Lydia Rubio’s travel narratives across linguistic and geographic landscapes. The works record the artist’s experiences across a variation of calligraphic, drawing and poetic compositions. This exhibition includes multiple series of work including The Genius Loci Book, The Journal of a Trip to the Island, and Travel Journals. Travel Journals are a result of an early appreciation for words and calligraphy.

Her first journal, on view in this exhibition, was about the artist’s return to her homeland of Cuba after nearly 4 decades. Join us to hear Lydia Rubio talk about her life and work on December 5, 2019 at the Center for Book Arts. The exhibition opens on Thursday, October 3 and runs through December 14, 2019.

Miami Geneva, Terre Rouge (one of fourteen drawings) by Lydia Rubio, 2000