CABC Sponsorship

The field of artist’s books is the fastest growing artistic discipline internationally. Only 60 years old, this field unites over 100,000 people nationally and even more across the globe, but we still need your help to grow! Supporting the field by investing in the critical dialogue about contemporary artist’s books builds public awareness for this art form. Your contribution will enable the Contemporary Artist’s Book Conference reach a larger audience therefore creating a stronger, more diverse community of artists, collectors, and scholars for the book as art.

Your sponsorship directly funds:
1. Speaker honoraria
2. Technical infrastructure for live streaming to an international audience
3. PR and media outreach

Sponsors receive:
1. Acknowledgement and a permanent direct weblink to their site (over 120k visitors annually)
2. Verbal acknowledgement at the beginning of live streamed conference programs (6 programs planned for 2021 with an anticipated online attendance of 300-600 per session)
3. Credit line acknowledging sponsor at the end of recorded sessions that will be permanently featured on our YouTube channel
4. Brand category exclusivity.

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