A Tale of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities (2001) Center for Book Arts

Organized by Pam Rash, Maddy Rosenberg, Miriam Schaer.

An exhibition featuring two books each by ten artists from New York and ten artists from Bristol, England, on view at Center for Book Arts September 14, 2001 – October 28, 2001. The catalogue includes an introduction by Sarah Bodman and can be found in CBA’s collection.

This exhibition was the result of a visit to the Centre for Fine Print Research by Maddy Rosenberg, a New York artist. We decided that as we were both involved in the book arts, that we would arrange a joint exhibition to be held in Bristol. […] The project has provided an exciting opportunity to exhibit a selection of artists’ books which work well together, on both sides of the Atlantic. There may be a huge difference in geography, but the works included in this exhibition connect, the speak the same language and have evolved from the same interest: that of presenting ideas in the format that we all understand and appreciate as the artists’ book.

Exhibition Checklist:

Growth of Decoration (2001), Andrew Atkinson

Reptiles (1995), Cynthia Back and Maddy Rosenberg. Lithograph.

Architectural Bookwork I (2000), Guy Begbie. Hand cast paper with plaster cast and stab binding.

Architectural Bookwork II (2000), Guy Begbie. Plaster cast with bookboard and cloth binding.

Book Burning (1995), Douglas Beube

Lies (1995), Douglas Beube.  Manipulated, found book.

The Collector (1998), Sarah Bodman. Screenprinted and hand-tinted with watercolour, boxed with botanical glass slide.

GM Future (1999), Sarah Bodman. Screenprinted text with inserted, found pages.

Secret Suburbs (2001), Andrew Eason

Travelog (1994), Dikko Faust (with Donna Ratajczak and Jessie Hartland). Hand set letterpress type and photo-engravings.

Vishnu Crew Stews Vindaloo Anew by Michael Bartalos (1990), Dikko Faust & Esther K. Smith.  The dial-a-diecut head includes 4 books which unbolt and fold out. Avocado, tomato on Khadi Indian handmade jute paper. Bound in aluminum and industrial felt with hardware.

53 (1981), Stephen Hoskins.  Pop-up, screenprinted book.

Bound to Happen (1996), Stephen Hoskins (with Jonathan Ward). Die-cut paper, screenprinted, boxed bookwork.

Office Box (1996), Eilis Kirby.  Plastic case, selected objects, text on paper.

Words (2001), Eilis Kirby. Plastic dome, map-pin, Blu-tac , random letters on correction tape.

Fork and Knife (2000), Paul Laider and Helen Smith. Manipulated transfer print onto ceramic.

Mental Health (2000), Paul Laider and Helen Smith. Installation: wintergreen transfer print onto folded paper.

Bitin’ the Dust: A Novel by Dusty-Off-Sky (1999), Stephanie Brody Lederman. Oil paint, collage and found objects.

On and On (2000), Stephanie Brody Lederman.  Acrylic, oil paint, collage and graphite.

Exile (1998), Soraya Marcano.  Ink and acrylic on paper, with six paper boats, unique bookwork.

Houses-Hands (1999), Soraya Marcano.  Ink, paper, acrylic, unique bookwork.

Bristol Art Library (1998), Annabel Other. Performance piece; a collection of over 150 books, housed in a miniature library travelling case.

Sky (2001), Carinna Parraman. Cut, printed bookwork.

Sun Sand Sea (2000), Carinna Parraman.  Folding bookwork.

La Route (1992), Lise Poirier.  Kinetic, mixed-media.

Lemon Tits (1995), Lise Poirier.  Wooden box, Xerox transfers, rags, copper, brass, accordion binding.

Grotesque New York (1998), Maddy Rosenberg.  Mixed media on slate and paper.

Herbs (1998), Susan Rostow.  Monotype with dried herbs, tree fungus, seed pods, sand and soil, unique bookwork.

Nesting (1998), Susan Rostow. Mixed-media with photo transfers, fungus, bird’s nest, hay, sand and soil.

Turtle Shells (1999), Susan Rostow.  Mixed-media.

I Held a Jewel (2000), Miriam Schaer. Leather gloves, acrylic, beads, ink, ribbon, with text based on a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Witness to Natural Selection (2000), Miriam Schaer.  Girdle, found objects, pins, collage, silk, digital print and hand-cut lettering, text by Emily Dickinson.

Dusters (1999), Robbin Ami Silverberg.  Hanging dusters bookworks, cotton rag and abaca papers, wood, computer generated text and photography.

From Dreams to Ashes (2000) 1995-2000; Dobbin Books, Robbin Ami Silverberg. Two books in slipcase, mugwort and matches papers, with inkjet photos and text on matches.

Travelog (1994), Esther K. Smith (with Donna Ratajczak and Jessie Hartland). Hand set letterpress type and photo-engravings.

To Distribute Load (1995), Tim Staples. Open edition bookwork.

Under Pressure (1994), Tim Staples.  Paper, MDF and metal, open edition bookwork (each with unique washer).

Counting (1993), Mary Ting.  Handmade paper, rope, ws, ink (a Dieu Donne Papermill workspace project).

Records of a Weary Journey (1999), Mary Ting.


Support for Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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