Americans Looking In

On view at the Center for Book Arts Main Gallery October 9 through December 12, 2020. Reserve your visit here. RSVP for the opening reception here. The Americans, by Robert Frank, was a highly influential book in post-war American photography. The photographs were notable for their distanced view of both high and low strata of […]

“I open my eyes and see myself under a tree laden with fruit that I cannot name.”

Storytelling is a central component of societal development across centuries and cultures. Whether used as a tool to recall history, preserve identity, or to transmit morals, it is a means for understanding and sharing human experiences. Oral traditions and the written word are perhaps the most obvious modes of communication associated with storytelling, however visual […]

Warren Lehrer: Books, Animation, Performance, Collaboration

TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice. Warren Lehrer: Books, Animation, Performance, Collaboration explores Warren Lehrer’s approach to visualizing poetry and prose in multi-branched projects through books, typography, animation, performance, and collaboration. The centerpiece is Lehrer’s newest book/project, Five Oceans in a Teaspoon, a collaboration with poet/investigative journalist Dennis J Bernstein (Paper Crown Press, 2019). In addition […]

The Private Life of Rag Dolls

TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice. Faride Mereb is a Venezuelan artist, designer, researcher, and founder of publishing house Letra Muerta. Established in 2014, Letra Muerta focuses on archival books, Latin American literature and vindicating the value of the printed book. With The Private Life of Rag Dolls, she is presenting the publisher’s 8th publication.  The […]

Remembering Walter Hamady: Selections from The Perishable Press

TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice. Born in 1940 in Flint, Michigan, Walter Hamady was a book artist, educator, publisher, and poet known for his tactile and witty approach to bookmaking and collage. As the founder of the influential Perishable Press Limited and professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Hamady was a leader in […]

Out of Sight, Beyond Touch

بیرون از دید، ورای لمس POSTPONED TO WINTER 2021 (Persian translation below) Throughout history, there have been many discourses on the relationship between the senses of touch and sight, the eye and hand. The fields of art, psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science have all shed light on how these senses influence human understanding and perception […]

Summer Reading

POSTPONED TO SUMMER 2021 Opening in July—the high season of leisure reading and scholastic book challenges—The Center for Book Arts presents Summer Reading, an exhibition of works by contemporary artists who take creative approaches to the book, text, and language. The book, in this exhibition, is complemented or subverted, with artists investigating the tradition of […]

New Book Art: Work from the 2019 Artists in Residence

POSTPONED TO WINTER 2021 The 2019 Scholars and Worksace Residents will be exhibiting work produced over the course of their one year residency at the Center for Book Arts. 2019 Scholarship for Advanced Studies in the Book Arts Residents:Slavko DjuricKeith GrahamChristina MartinelliJennifer Grimyser 2019 Workspace Residents:Adama Delphine FawunduJihyun HongKathleen MaLaura NovaKevin Umana Opening Reception: April […]

The GenderFail Archive Project

POSTPONED TO SUMMER 2021 The Genderfail Archive Project is a reading room that engages with the slowing down, digesting and reimagining of how archives are shared in public spaces. With the resurgence of small press publishing and artist publishing practices it is important to define and expand the possibilities of the archive. GenderFail Archive Project […]