Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders (2011)

Organized by Sabina Ott and Cindy Smith of the College Art Association.

We are pleased to present this video program on the occasion of the centennial College Art Association Conference in New York City. By referencing the filmmaker Jean Luc-Godard our intention is twofold: first to reflect in our program what cultural theorists Constance Penley and Gilles Deleuze point out as Godard’s preference for the preposition ‘and’ rather than ‘or’. Like Godard’s films where references, influences and images pile-up more always ends up being best; with that in mind our concept is a sprawling interdisciplinary collection of programs curated by artists, curators and many others… Our goal is to reflect the independent and adventurous mettle that has always characterized art production in New York City.

The exhibition was organized by Sabina Ott and Cindy Smith of the CAA Services to Artists Committee. The video program includes curators working both inside and independently of institutional frameworks, features artists within and outside of the academy, and showcases programs in both non-art and art venues. Video selections were curated by Boshko Boskovic, Alexander Campos, David Familian, Claudia Hart, Martha Kirszenbaum, Karen Moss, Aily Nash, Debra Riley Parr, and Catherine Sullivan.

Moving Words features six videos that present text/script in motion, issues on writing, and/or words that are emotionally moving to discuss loss and memory within the context of archiving, documenting, or recontextualizing a personal story, a written narrative, or rich history. These six videos are loosely tied by their interest in text and language stemming from the methodology and concept of writing and books.

In order of Appearance, Leor Grady, 2008

Your Own Lazy Siesta, Sarah Nicholls, 2010

A System for Writing Thank You Notes, Neil Goldberg, 2001

Trap(ease), Amber Hares, 2005

Palace of Contemplation, 5 Sunsets and 5 Dawns, Paul Clay, 2005

Going West, Anderson M Studio, 2010

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