Manifesto, Profit-For-Survival

Manifesto, Profit-For-Survival (2021) GenderFail
Manifesto, Profit-For-Survival (2021) GenderFail

Publisher: GenderFail

Edition: 100

Year: 2021

Binding: Staple Bound

Dimensions: 4. 5x 7 inches

Pages: 24


  • Risograph printed

Manifesto, Profit-for-Survival was first written for Towards a Self Sustaining Publishing Model, a panel created by Be Oakley with Marc Fischer, Vivian Sming, Yuri Ogita, and Devin Troy Strother apart of the 2021 Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair. This Manifesto looks at the word profit through an anti-capital lens from the perspective of small and self publishing practices. From the manifesto Oakley states: When we say “profit” (in the non-for-profit to for-profit spectrum) what do we mean? As a person trying to live off the “profit” they generate from their work, profit is essential to my livelihood and my ability to continue producing work that I am passionate about. So to say that I am for-profit does not yet speak to the complexities of a non-capitalist small publishing project. The word “profit” without any other context is a simplification, it can’t speak to the complexities of what making profit means for my life, my work and my future. GenderFail is not non-for-profit but profit-for-survival, or profit-to-continue-our-work-without-other-means-of-capital — and most importantly to make money for the people I publish, to create profit-for-labor. Defining the means of Non-Exploitative-Profit, through describing how our work is created, who is being paid and the ethics behind its creation, is essential when trying to define the terms of any engagement with “profit.”

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