Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Year: 1988

Binding: Soft cover, saddle stitched

Dimensions: 8 x 10.25 inches

Pages: 32


  • Die cut cover
  • three color plates
  • insert

An exhibition of selections from the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry was held at the Book Arts Gallery from February 6 to March 26, 1988. The artwork represented in this show breaks the barrier of traditional books, artists books and even the two dimensional page. The works of these artists and poets were grouped into the following seven categories of visual/verbal alterations: Hidden Meanings; Canceled; Cut, Torn, Crumpled, Perforated; Fragmented; Layered; Sculpted; Sewn and Woven. Illustrations are in black and white and in color. The introduction by Marvin Sackner describes the collection from which the works were selected and provides the background of several of the projects.

Featured artists: Denise Aubertin, Anthony Austin, Lynne Avadenka, Vittore Baroni, Uwe Bremer, John Eric Broaddus. Marcel Broodthaers, Bob Brown, Martha Carothers, Luciano Caruso, Christopher Harmond Cheung, Joelle Dautricourt, Augusto De Campo, Albert Dupont, Timothy C. Ely, Luigi Fagioli, Dikko Faust, Vincenzo Ferrari, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jane Freeman, Philip Gallo, Vida Hackman, Wolfgang Hainke, Bernard Heidsieck, Jack Hirschman, Arnold Iger, Basia Irland, Emilio Isgro, Sandra Jackman, Alastair Johnston, Vasily Kamensky, Agathe Eristov Gengis Khan, Ronald King, Dina Knapp, Jeffrey Knapp, J. H. Kocman, Jiri Kolar, Helmut Löhr, Maria Lai, Ruth Laxson, Warren Lehrer, d. a. levy, Stephane Mallarmé, Andrew Masullo, Brenda Miller, Richard Minsky, Franz Mon, Ann Noel, Jürgen Olbrich, Tom Phillips, Julio Plaza, Lois Polansky, Mehdi Qotbi, Steve Random, Dieter Roth, Sara Sackner, Ali Schindehutte, Jill Sebastian, Andreas Senser, Buzz Spector, Ulrike Stoltz, Y. Taillandier, Cesar Trasobares, Johannes Vennekamp, Charles Verey, Dieter Wagner, Arno Waldschmidt, Emmet Williams, Gil Wolman, & Melanie Wygonik.



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