Book Arts in the USA: The history and community of Center for Book Arts

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Endpaper Talks 01. @parallel_institute 

The endpaper is the hinge between the cover and the book, it forms the space before and after the content of a book. As the title Endpaper Talks suggests, this digital talk series explores the gaps between publishing practicers today. In this project, Parallel Institute invited 22 incredible creatives, artists, scholars and art book professionals to share their experiences to the community.

Let’s talk about art books.

The final week of Endpaper Talks will continue to explore art publishing, with a focus on the relationship between books and art institutions. Yilei & Ben (Kinakaal forlag/Northing Space) and Zhong Yu & Bai Kui (One and a Half Studio), who will bring forward a conversation about their experiences working with artists in different cities and the book as a bridge between cultures.

Martin Steininger (The Photographer’s Gallery) will discuss the future of museum bookstores from the perspective of book sales. Corina Reynolds (Center for Book Arts) will share the history of New York’s Center for Book Arts and the development of an art books community.

Finally, Xu Ke & Zhou Yue (abC Art Book Fair) will talk about the production and promotion of art books, individual/collective projects, and the public education and curatorial practices of artists’ books. From individual artists, independent organisations, publishers, book collections, to book fairs, art museums, and institutions, Endpaper Talks has explored various scales of intersections where art books and the public eye meet. Perhaps this is the end of the beginning, a beginning of the journey of books, a starting point from books to the audience.

Topic: 艺术书在美国:CBA的历史和社群建⽴
Book Arts in the USA: The history and community of Center for Book Arts with Corina Reynolds

Time: 2022/11/05 8:00 am – New York Time

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