plastic hard suitcase with bumpy texture
Papermaker’s Pack Tools for Papermakers (2016) Jilian Brushera

Event Info

Pulp as Portal artist Krista Franklin will lead participants in a papermaking activity utilizing artist fellow exhibition artist Jillian Bruschera’s traveling Papermaker’s Pack. Participants will walk the Manhattan environs of the Center for Book Arts to obtain ephemera and printed matter (signage, fliers, garbage, objects) of the neighborhood to be remade into new sheets of paper in the Center for Book Arts studios. In an afternoon of walking, conversation and papermaking, we are interested what the stuff of our city blocks–that which is discarded, stapled to poles, tucked under windshields–can tell us about our neighborhoods as communities and ecosystems. How can these materials be re-purposed in the service of papermaking and poetic reflection? This program is an opportunity to build on The Chicago 77, a project featured in Pulp as Portal. Commissioned by the Poetry Foundation, The Chicago 77 is a 77-line poem comprised of found text and paper made from objects from each of Chicago’s 77 community areas. The piece was created by poets and artists Fatimah Asghar, Krista Franklin, Fo Wilson, and Jamila Woods.

The sheets of paper created through this program will be utilized in a way that is to be determined when the exhibition travels to the Salina Art Center.

This program is free and all are welcome. Space is limited to the first 20 registrants though.

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