The Traveling Artist: Journals Lydia Rubio

The Center for Book Arts presents The Traveling Artist: Journals by Lydia Rubio. This exhibition features artistic documentation of artist Lydia Rubio’s travel narratives across linguistic and geographic landscapes. The works record the artist’s experiences across a variation of calligraphic, drawing and poetic compositions. This exhibition includes multiple series of work including The Genius Loci […]

Clarissa Sligh: Witnessing Through Artist’s Books

The Center for Book arts is pleased to present the solo project Witnessing Through Artist’s Books by Clarissa Sligh. Clarissa Sligh engages with the book format to document, deconstruct and redress the structural oppression witnessed throughout her lifetime. Sourcing from U.S. history and her lived experiences growing up in the Jim Crow South, Sligh’s artist’s […]

Poetry is not a Luxury

July 19, 12:00 am – September 21, 11:59 pmThe Center for Book Arts, 28 W 27th StNew York, NY 10001 United States CURATED BY MAYMANAH FARHAT Poetry Is Not a Luxury considers how book arts have contributed to the recording of oppositional subjectivities in the U.S. The exhibition is titled after Audre Lorde’s 1977 essay on the intersections of creativity and activism […]

The Reverse of Landscape: Catalina De La Cruz

JULY 19 – SEPTEMBER 21 Through a series of photographic works identified as a “Photochemical Book”, Catalina De La Cruz explores the desert of Chile and Peru as spaces with imposed limitations, in which natural and manmade structures struggle to survive. Through chromatic, graphic, architectural, spatial, and referential inquiries on the landscapes, the artist books–which have been […]


JULY 19 – SEPTEMBER 21 ARTISTS: IOULIA AKHMADEEVA, AILEEN BASSIS, LEOPOLDO BLOOM, ELIZABETH CASTALDO, PAM COOPER, BÉATRICE CORON, GAIL SMUDA Since 1974, the Center for Book Arts has been committed to artistic expression and exploration of the structural and conceptual possibilities of the Book. This year we are reaffirming our commitment to provide opportunities for all to further […]


INGE BRUGGEMAN APRIL 18 – JUNE 29 Featured artist, Inge Bruggeman will be exhibiting her new project Deposits, which is the second piece in her ongoing series called The Active Reading Series where readers explore the physical act of reading in different ways. Deposits is a book that is meant to be read while ascending or descending a short ladder. She will also […]