Artist Books: From Idea to Execution

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In this four-session workshop series, students will be introduced to the artist’s book creation process. Starting from idea and working toward execution, students will develop strategies for brainstorming and working with sequential and image-based content, bridging the gap between concept, material, process, form, and finished work of art. Students will learn to make three book structures, accordion, pamphlet, and drum leaf binding, and then create their own one-of-a-kind artist’s book. This class is ideal for artists who want an introduction into the world of artist’s books or for those curious about artistic expression with the book form.

There are a total of 8 spots open in this workshop.

If you cannot comfortably pay tuition but are interested in taking this class, please consider filling out our financial assistance application here. This application should be completed three weeks before the workshop’s start date.

Students should have the following:

  • ideas, images and materials to work with or incorporate into the artist’s book. This could be collage materials, photos, special papers, decorative papers, drawing materials.
  • text weight paper for inner pages of pamphlet and accordion
  • cardstock or heavy text weight paper for inner pages of drum leaf binding
  • cover weight paper for book covers
  • 3M 416 double-sided transfer tape or similar
  • needle
  • bookbinding thread or other heavy weight thread
  • bone folder
  • awl
  • pencil and eraser
  • exacto knife or snap off Olfa knife
  • a small metal triangle

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