Lettering: Hand to Digital

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This workshop takes place across three sessions:

  • Mon, March 8, 2–4pm ET
  • Mon, March 15, 2–4pm ET
  • Mon, March 22, 2–4pm ET

In this three day course, students will learn the history, theory and practice of Western lettering styles. Lettering styles include Roman, Rustica, Uncial, Black Letter, Chancery/Italic, Modern, Modernist, and PoMo. Students will learn hand-drawn and digital lettering practices, using specific materials and design softwares. (The softwares are either free or offer free trials.)

The first two classes will focus entirely on hand lettering, specifically Roman caps and lower case.

The third and last session will be an introduction to the Glyphs app, a software that allows students to digitize and refine their hand-drawn letters and fonts.

Each class will have time for demonstrations and Q&A’s with the instructor.

Though not necessary, this class is best suited for those with experience drawing by hand and digitally. This class is geared towards designers and artists wanting an in-depth look into lettering and typography.


There are 12 spots open in this workshop.

If you cannot comfortably pay tuition but are interested in taking this class, please consider filling out our financial assistance application here. This application should be completed three weeks before the workshop’s start date. If you are selected, the full price of your tuition will be covered.


Required Materials:



Students may wish to purchase extra drawing materials for themselves. The bare minimum is paper and something to draw on the paper with, or a smartphone and a computer with a font editor. The instructor will demonstrate drawing with the bare minimum, and with recommended tools.Recommended Supplies:


About the Instructor

Mirko Velimirovic is a Lettering Artist, Type Designer, and Font Engineer working in NYC. Currently he contributes work to Darden studio, and open source variable font projects on Github. In 2019 through January of 2020 he was the chapter lead of Type Thursday NYC. He has guest lectured in classes on type design at SVA, and ECUAD. When he’s not doing calligraphy, he spends his time wrangling difficult software problems in FOSS and NDA font projects. The rest of the time he spends entertaining his two cats.


All images courtesy of the instructor.

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