Papercutting Basics

A papercut design by Beatrice Coron.
Beatrice working on a large papercut of a city skyline
Beatrice working on a large papercut of a city skyline

Event Info

This class will take place on:

  • Mon, Feb 15, 10:00am–12:00pm ET

During this two-hour workshop, participants will discover the multiple facets of papercutting by making their own samples of different techniques. Learning basic principles of designing with full and empty shapes, each student will explore adapting pictures they collected to papercutting. Tips and tricks will be shared.

We will start the class with a presentation of the art of papercutting, then we will make one exercise outlining what papercutting is and how it can be used. The second exercise will be a study to adapt any image to papercutting. For the third exercise, we will use origami papers to design a four color mini-book.

This class is meant to inspire with lecture and examples. Hands on example are shown and can be finalized after the class.

Required Materials:

  • X-acto knife, extra blades
  • Cutting mat
  • Origami papers
  • Tracing paper (or transparent paper as parchment or freezer paper)
  • A few sheets of copy/printer paper
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Scotch tape
  • Photocopy of an image you want to adapt to papercutting


  • Letter size papers (can be from recycling)
  • Papers of larger format
  • Old magazines
  • Plastic bags
  • Used Tyvek envelopes, such as FEDEX, UPS or USPS packaging
  • Art papers


About the Instructor

I collect many stories. Born and raised in France, I was a city dweller, a shepherdess and truck driver among others, then I worked in tourism and lived in Egypt, China, Mexico. I enjoy stories and working with my hands. That’s why settling as an artist in New York City, I started exploring visual storytelling with the techniques of papercutting. I draw with a blade to create empty and full shapes in artist books that cast shadows. Playing with shapes from 2D to 3D each project follows its own path. For public art I translate my hand-cut artwork in metal, glass or stone. I am looking for an artist community to connect with other artist around common interests.

All images courtesy of the instructor.

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