Pop-Ups Summer Camp: Online Workshop with Shawn Sheehy


August 24


02:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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CBA Community

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In this four-day class, students will get a robust introduction to pop-up structures with instructor Shawn Sheehy.

This class will take place across four sessions:

Monday – Thursday, August 24 – 27, 2-4pm EDT

The instructor will discuss specific tools and materials for paper engineering by demonstrating complex multi-layered pop-up structures. In this course, students will experience the following:

Students will understand the foundational goals of paper engineering.

Students will use and understand the purpose of the tools and materials of paper engineering.

Students will practice the foundational structures of paper engineering: parallel folds and angle folds.

Students will develop complexity through combining parallel folds with angle folds.

Students will execute cut-in folds.

Students will identify acute and obtuse angles.

Students will practice cutting skills and gluing skills.

Students will see how techniques are utilized in trade books.

Students will identify the parts of a folio.

Students will build complexity through combining cut-in structures with glued-in structures.

Students will observe how pop-ups can provide a sense of movement.

Students will use patterns to build representational structures.

Students will explore volume using pattern-built pop-ups.

Students will experiment to develop their own patterns

Students will engage imagination to embellish representational structures.

Students will create tipped-in details to transform basic volumes into unique structures.

Students will practice the natural sticking point technique and the natural folding point technique.

Students will understand how building multiple pop-ups into a spread can lead to a complex scene.

Students will explore spatial dimension by building pop-up scenes in 90° folios.

Students will engage imagination to embellish representational structures and illustrate settings.

Students will create and engage with a paper play environment.

Students will explore spatial dimension by building pop-up scenes in 180° folios.

Students will review concepts from previous sessions.

Students will observe how pop-ups can provide opportunities to make big things happen on the page.

Students will develop their own paper figures.

This class is open to students of all levels of expertise. Students ages 11+ are invited to register for this class. Adults of all ages are also welcome. To protect our students, we ask that everyone in this workshop turn on their camera. Please note that we will be recording.

Students should have the following materials:

• scissors

• pencil

• ruler

• glue stick

• 50 sheets 110# white index stock, 8.5″ x 11″ (app. 215 gsm)


• 10 sheets 80# color cover stock, 8.5″ x 11″ or 12″ x 12″ (app. 215 gsm)

two options for purchasing variety packs:



About the Instructor:

Shawn Sheehy has been teaching book arts courses and workshops on the national level since 2001. His broadsides and artist book editions have been collected by such prestigious institutions as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Library of Congress, UCLA, and Harvard. His pop-ups have been featured twice in both Hand Papermaking magazine and Vintage magazine. Sheehy’s trade pop-up book Welcome to the NeighborWood (a mass-market version of his artist book) was released in 2015, winning numerous awards. The mass-market version of his artist book Beyond the Sixth Extinction was released through Candlewick in October 2018. He holds an MFA in the Book Arts from Columbia College Chicago.

All images courtesy of the instructor.

About the Center for Book Arts:

The Center for Book Arts promotes active explorations of both contemporary and traditional artistic practices related to the book as an art object. The Center seeks to facilitate communication between the book arts community and the larger spheres of contemporary visual and literary arts, while being a model organization locally, nationally, and internationally within the field. We achieve this through exhibitions, classes, public programming, literary presentations, opportunities for artists and writers, publications, and collecting.