Book Talk: Featuring Maymanah Farhat

Join us for an evening of discussion with Maymanah Farhat. Please join us for our series of “Book Talk,” a member-organized event where people within our community engage with a diverse group of artists, academics, and people in different areas to develop critical dialogue around books. PLEASE NOTE: Event has been rescheduled for December 2, […]

Whitman, Photography: Then and Now

Curator, Deirdre Lawrence will be in conversation with three artists – Marianne Dages, Daphne Fitzpatrick and Stefan Killen The artists discussion will include Whitman’s use of photography and how these artists weave photography into their artistic practice. Marianne Dages Marianne Dages is a Philadelphia based artist investigating the crossroads between image, language, and thought. Her […]

Collecting Artist Books in the US vs Europe

Explore how artists books are collected and used in the United States and Europe. In her many years buying and selling artist books as a collections consultant, Susanne Padberg, encountered many reasons private collectors as well as institutions have for collecting contemporary artist books and the criteria that guide their choices. These are often based […]

Walt Whitman’s Words: A Roundtable Discussion

This Roundtable Discssuion will focus on the work of three artists represented in the exhibition entitled Walt Whitman’s Words: Inspiring Artists Today. Moderated by Curator Deirdre Lawrence, Sasha Chavchavadze, Anne Gilman and Susan Newmark will discuss how aspects of Whitman’s writings inspired their work with a focus on geography, history and the legacy of his […]