An exhibition featuring current faculty organized by Barbara Mauriello.

Exhibition Checklist:

Carol  Barton

Home Dreams
(1997) Laser printes, acrylic paint on Mohawk Superfine. Pop-up accordion structure in a case binding.

Douglas  Beube

Patterns of Abuse
(1997) Mixed media

(1997) Mixed media

Marylee  Bytheriver

Jewel in the Lotus, The
(1997) Photocopies on Japanese tissue, one sewn-in signature. Modified-accordion binding.

Weather Map (#28)
Handmade and letterpress printed with computer generated and hand-drawn images. Paper accordion spine.

Nancy  Callahan

Day Book: Salada Tea
Screen printed and fabricated parts with a Plexiglas stand. Accordion fold book attached to fabricated tea bags.

Kathy  Caraccio

(1977) Etching/Construction on Arches Buff. Silk organdy and plastic with plastic fastener.

Carolyn  Chadwick

(1995) Full leather binding

Beatrice  Coron

In Libro Veritas
(1997) Transparent polyester. Acrylic cover with papercutting.

Paper Flower Poems
(1997) Japanese and Xerox paper

Mindell  Dubansky

Candy Button Book & Box, The
(1997) Candy buttons, mousetraps, handwriting on mylar.

Jace  Graf

Memoirs of a Herpetologist, The
(1989) Acrylic paint on papier-mache (accordion). Drop-spine box with cloth.

Offal 3.1
(1997) Colored pens and pencils, and coffee stains on calendar pad paper. Melted plastic garbage laminated to binder’s board; handsewn on tapes.

Barbara Rose  Haum

Hidden Dowry, The
(1995) Found objects (needles, thermometers, cup, flowers, silverware, book), original text, dowry box.

Judith  Ivry

Call Me
(1996) Three small books. Feathers, cloth, leather, newspaper.

Kumi  Korf

Chez Moi
(1995) Intaglio on Rives BFK

Garden Gate
(1995) Intaglio on Rives BFK

Paula Beardell  Krieg

Notes on Milkweed
(1997) Milkweed pods, thread, pencil. Coptic binding.

Lois  Lane

I Know Where I’m Going
(1997) Letterpress, woodcut, photoengraving on Rives using Clarence house wallpaper and 14 Japanese papers. Black velvet case and a steel stand made by David Shaw.

Ruth  Lingen

I Know Where I’m Going
(1997) Letterpress, woodcut, photoengraving on Rives using Clarence house wallpaper and 14 Japanese papers. Black velvet case and a steel stand made by David Shaw.

Jennifer  Magee

Deal With It
(1995) Letterpress and relief on Johannot paper. 31 loose cards in a box.

Russell  Maret

Noise 2
(1996) Brayer offset prints & letterpress on Arches Text Wove. Accordion bound in a clamshell box.

Noise 3
(1996) Pencil, ink, metal and wood type, and found essay. Rives de Lin sheets loose in portfolio.

Barbara  Mauriello

207 Buttons, and Counting . . .
(1997) Limp vellum tacet binding, decorated with embroidery and buttons. Photos framed with assorted Japanese painted papers. Cloth-covered folding box.

Richard  Minsky

Minsky in London by Richard Minsky
(1980) Edited with an introduction by Pamela Moore. Ninety photographs by Richard Minsky; includes 45 RPM record. New York and London. Letterpress.

Ursula  Mitra

Limp Vellum Conservation Binding
Non-adhesive structure designed by Chris Clarkson. Text sewn onto alum-tawed thongs. Worked back bead endbands over alum-tawed core. Alum-tawed ties at foredge.

Model of Italian Wooden Board Binding of ca 1500
Text sewn onto three raised, split alum-tawed thongs, laced into beech boards and secured with wooden nails (trenails). Transverse vellum spine liners glued to the inside of the boards. Worked back bead endbands over alum-tawed core. Quarter goat covering.

Jeffrey  Peachey

Revenge of Detritus
(1994) Acrylic and found object. Raised cords/laced in boards.

Son of Detritus
(1995) Paper, linen, acrylic, found objects.

Miriam  Schaer

Guardian (of Sterile Waters)
(1997) Xerox on Lana Wove paper. Silk, Xerox transfer, acrylic, ribbon, bottles of sterilized water.

Press them into fear/ Rules of engagements #9
(1997) Text by Sun-tsu. Mixed media, Xerox acrylic transfer. Apron, acrylic, embroidery.

Paul  Shaw

Rotunda Stuides
(1997) Calligraphy on Lana Royal Wove. Winsor Newton Designers Gouache, Higgins India ink.

Robbin Ami  Silverberg

(1996) Sewn text on Dobbin Mill cotton rag paper. Hair, copper wire, magnets, leather cord. Raised cord binding.

Carol  Sturm

Dancing David
(1996) Drawings by Dorothea Tanning and poems by Thom Gunn. Letterpress printed type and photoengraving made from original artwork. Amatruda handmade paper, cover paper custom handmade by St. Armand Papermill.

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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