The First Decade: Center for Book Arts

Curated by Frances O. Mattson, curator of Rare Books at The New York Public Library.

An exhibition held at the New York Public Library celebrating the first ten years of Center for Book Arts’ existence. The exhibit included 132 works by 112 artists. The exhibition was not intended as a retrospective, but rather as an overview of traditional book forms, paper arts, bookbinding and art works based on, or alluding to, book forms.

Exhibition Checklist:

Benjamin  Alterman

  • Wind in the Willows, The by Kenneth Grahame
    (1983) Published London, Methuen & Co., 1908. Binding: Quarter Nigerian goatskin, raised cords, leather inlays on spine, sewn silk headbands, gold tooled title, boards of freakk mahogany inlaid with natural wood.

Deborah  Alterman

  • Wind in the Willows, The by Kenneth Grahame
    (1983) Published London, Methuen & Co., 1908. Binding: Quarter Nigerian goatskin, raised cords, leather inlays on spine, sewn silk headbands, gold tooled title, boards of freakk mahogany inlaid with natural wood.

Pat  Apatovsky

  • Ten Poems by David Ignatow
    (1981) Published New York, Silver Hands Press [1981]. Letterpress.

Ralph M.  Arnold

  • Burn Book
    Red leather binding with marbled half covers; colored paper, burnt pages.

Michael  Bartalos

  • Black Hole
    (1984) Hanging book; black rubber.

Barton Lidice  Benes

  • Jayne Mansfield Story, The
    (1979) Leopard skin.

Douglas  Beube

  • Portrait of My Father Standing on Mars
    (1980) Photographic book; mixed media. 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in, opens to 46 x 48 in.
  • Seed Book
    (1980) Straw seed book; bound with hemp.

Richard  Bigus

  • Ode to Typography by Pablo Neruda
    (1977) Translated by Enrique Sacerio-Gari. Published Torrance, CA, Labyrinth Editions, 1977. Letterpress.
  • Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking by Walt Whitman
    (1978) Published Torrance, CA, Labyrinth Editions, 1978; letterpress.

Phyllis  Bilick

  • Mirror Window Book
    (1983) Photographic book with mylar mirrors.

Lorraine  Bodger

  • Dress Magazine
    (1983) Fabric collage on paper.
  • World of the Sea, The
    (1983) Paper collage.

Meryl  Brater

  • And Then We Played Post Office: I Lift My Lamp
    (1982) Collage, handmade paper.

John Eric  Broaddus

  • High Time
    (1986) Book with pages cut, painted with acrylic and glitter.

Frances  Butler

  • Gesture Outward
    (1984) Perforated plexiglas; metal hinges.
  • New Dryads . . .
    (1980) Being a Suite of pochoir-colored prints depicting Fashionable Dress observed in the Diurnal Realm. Published Berkeley, Poltroon Press. “This work has been photographed, written & printed by Frances Butler and Alastair Johnston.” Letterpress, pochoir.

Lage  Carlson

  • Journey of the Magi by T.S. Eliot
    (1982) Calligraphic book commissioned by the binder from John McCrillis and Jan Paris, calligrapher and illustrator, respectively. Sculptured balsa wood; black Oasis goatskin, silver kid onlay.

Martha  Carothers

  • Nose Book
    (1980) Letterpress, silkscreen, die-cut.

Barbara  Cash

  • Meet Me in the Better Land
    (1983) Published Mt. Carmel, Ives Street Press. Letterpress, linecuts.

Gérard  Charrière

  • Dildoides by Samuel Butler
    (1980) Published Kingston, RI, Biscuit City Press. Illustrations and bindings by Gérard Charrière. Violet chagrin, inlays of objects; palladium and blind tooling.

Jacqueline Ann  Clipsham

  • Ode to Hammurabi II
    (1981) Porcelain

Sas  Colby

  • Brownie Book of Paintings, The
    (1981) Mixed media
  • Double Vision
    (1981) Mixed media

Ed  Colker

  • Pablo Neruda
    (1977) Three lithographs by Ed Colker for two poems translated by Audrey Lumsden Kouvel. Chicago, Editions du Grenier, 1977. Lithographs, letterpress.

Norman B.  Colp

  • Crazy Hair
    (1983) Published by Hand & Mind Books, 1983. Photo offset; accordion format.

Jean  de Gonet

  • Gisèle Prassinos: Facilité. Crépusculaire.
    (1937) Published in Paris. Part of a set of four: flexible bindings; black, green, yellow, and red calf.
  • Gisèle Prassinos: La lutte double
    (1938) Published in Paris. Part of a set of four: flexible bindings; black, green, yellow, and red calf.
  • Gisèle Prassinos: La revanche
    (1939) Published in Paris. Part of a set of four: flexible bindings; black, green, yellow, and red calf.
  • Gisèle Prassinos: Une belle famille
    (1938) Published in Paris. Part of a set of four: flexible bindings; black, green, yellow, and red calf.

Nat  Dean

  • Knot
    (1980) “Girdle book” of black Oasis leather; mounted paintings.

Kathleen  Derzipiliski

  • Lootie
    (1983) Paper collage; 22 unbound leaves.

Mindell  Dubansky

  • Crown Jewels, The
    (1982) Nigerian goatskin, decorative papers, photographs, collage.

Harry  Duncan

  • Games of Chance by Thom Gunn
    (1979) With an etching by John Thein, published by Abattoir Editions, Omaha. Letterpress.
  • Technology of Hand Printing, The by Harry Duncan
    (1980) Published by Abattoir Editions, Omaha. Letterpress.

Martha  Edelstein

  • BWW6 (Book Web Work 6)
    (1982) Woven webs of colored thread drawn across open mat pages.

Timothy C.  Ely

  • Untitled London Notes
    (1982) Black leather over raised elements; colored ink drawings.

Jim  Escalante

  • Selected Poems 1973-1980 by Mary Laird Hamady
    (1982) Published by Iguana Press, Springfield. Four illustrations by Mary Moss Escalante. Letterpress on handmade paper.

Dikko  Faust

  • Ofaginzies Abatoir by Timothy Cohrs
    (1979) Published by Purgatory Pie Press, New York. Letterpress, paper handmade by the artist; exposed cord, bound in torn paintings.

Suzanne  Ferris

  • Gomer by Mark Halperin
    (1979) Published by Sea Pen Press, Seattle. Letterpress; handmade flaxen paper, ceramic container by Neal Bonham.

Ann  Fessler

  • Guide to Coloring Hair
    (1982) Published by Magnolia Press, Baltimore (True Stories Series, Book #2).
  • Rumors About Brenda
    (1982) 5 hand-colored photographs, text.

Sarah  Firmin

  • Cook Book
    (1982) Book; sawn and painted.
  • Sex Book
    (1982) Molded paper, paint.

Carol  Forget

  • Model for the Historic Novel (Meat Plus Filler).
    (1984) Painted formica on wood, collage.

Jacqueline  Freedman

  • Artwork from Artforum, Vol. I
    (1980) Acrylic paint on Artforum Magazine

Joe Marc  Freedman

  • Summer Solstice, The by Amy Clampitt
    (1983) Published by Sarabande Press, New York. Letterpress. Pulp painting designed by Marsha Eva Gold; typographer, Joe Marc Freedman.

Jane  Freeman

  • Bach’s Music Box et alia
    (1984) Mixed media.

Gary  Frost

  • Cut Away Model
    (1983) Supported sewn and laced construction; leather, paper, laminated museum board.

Louise  Genest-Côtè

  • Outside-Inside Book, The
    (1983) Ethiopian sewn binding; cherry tree boards, leather inlays, onlays. Inside book: 5 3/4 x 4 x 1 1/8 in.

Marty  Greenbaum

  • Diary 1969 – 1983
    Mixed media, found object.
  • Diary 1978 – 5/17/84
    Mixed media

Linda  Hanauer

  • Book of Rubbings
    (1982) Graphite rubbings; casebound

Ric  Haynes

  • Nine Saints
    (1984) Acrylic paintings, color xerox, bone beads, decorative papers; accordion binding by Jennifer Woods.

August  Heckscher

  • Shyp of Fooles, The & Ship to Paradise
    (1982) “Shyp of Fooles” by Sebastian Brant, translated by Alexander Barclay, 1509. Edited by Phyllis C. Robinson, published by High Loft, Seal Harbor, Maine (1982) with Robert S. Neuman. “Ship to Paradise” — A portfolio of six etchings, accompanying “The Shyp of Fooles” by Sebastian Brant, with an Introductory Essay by John C. Olin. Published by High Loft, Seal Harbor, Maine (1983). Letterpress, etchings.

Axel  Heibel

  • Buchobjekt-H
    (1983) Crayon, rubber stamps

Kay  Hines

  • Boox
    (1980) Mixed media, Wood, glass, fabric, brass plumb, metal, acetate, acetate ink, white pencil, cardboard.

Suzanne  Horvitz

  • Fetish & Fantasy #3
    Hinged wooden triptych; mixed media.

Channa  Horwitz

  • 8
    (1979) Hinged book; lithographs.

Annegret  Hunter-Elsenbach

  • Kenojuak by Jean Blodgett
    (1981) Published by Mintmark Press, Toronto. Bindings by Annegret Hunter-Elsenbach, 1983. Oasis spine, goatskin boards; leather inlays, onlays.

Basia  Irland

  • His Library While There
    (1982) Mixed media.

Alastair  Johnston

  • Kenko postcard
    (1978) Letterpress, hand-splotching.
  • Kenko postcard, 2nd edition
    (1978) Letterpress

Carol  Joyce

  • These Trees Stand by W.D. Snodgrass
    (1981) With a Portrait Series of the Poet by Robert Mahon. Published by Carol Joyce, New York. Binding: maroon Oasis goatskin with white calf onlay. Letterpress by Leonard Seastone, Tideline Press.

Ann Kalmbach & Tana Kellner

  • Headdress
    (1983) Published by the Women’s Studio Workshop Print Center, Rosendale, NY. Accordion book.

Jerry  Kelly

  • A Country Doctor by Franz Kafka
    (1982) English translation by Willa and Edwin Muir. Published by Kelly/Winterton Press, New York. Reproduced on a Kodak electrostatic copier from the calligraphy of Jerry Kelly.

Patricia  Kelly

  • Bible
    (1983) Mixed media

Ronald  King

  • Half-Year Letters, The by Roy Fisher
    (1983) An alphabet book designed by Ronald King. Published by Circle Press, Guildford. Letterpress. 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 in opens to 6 1/2 x 109″.

Susan  King

  • Mail Art
    (1983) Letterpress; 3 cards and envelopes, 18 postcards. Various sizes.

Thomas  Knoblich

  • Fright, Flight or Fight
    (1984) Pastel, crayon and ink on handmade papers.

D.  Knoderer

  • Por en dro. Eaux-fortes de Dorny. By Guillevic
    (1981) Published by La Source Editeur, Paris. Binding by D. Knoderer; multi-colored leather mosaic, gilding, engraving; polyester, vinyl.

Allan  Kornblum

  • Awkward Song by Allan Kornblum
    (1980) Published by Toothpaste Press, West Branch. Letterpress.

Ann  Kresge

  • Seven Poems by Odysseus Elytis
    (1983) Illustrated by Ann Kresge, published by Cicados Press, Brooklyn. Viscosity prints, embossed paper, photolithographed type.

Hedi  Kyle

  • Anaphanda
    (1984) Painted and stencilled Nepalese, Japanese and Chinese papers; bound in concertina.

Stephanie Brody  Lederman

  • Trudge Truths for Our Mothers
    (1982) Mixed media

Alice Whitman  Leeds

  • Grand Opening: A Year in the Life of a Total Wife
    (1980) Stitched fabric, embroidery.

Annabel  Levitt

  • Typings (1974 – 1977) by Christopher Knowles
    (1979) Published by Vehicle Editions, New York. Offset: 3 colors.

Sol  Lewitt

  • Brick Wall
    (1977) Published by Tanglewood Press, New York. Offset.
  • Color Grids
    (1975) Published by Parasol Press, New York. Color etchings.

Nora  Ligorano

  • Pig Tics
    (1984) Accordion book; mixed media.

Sandra  Lopez

  • Winged Book
    (1983) Greenwinged teal wing mounted on silk, torn paper tipped onto concertina fold.

Margot  Lovejoy

  • Cloud Stage II
    (1982) Pop-up book; xerox, mixed media.

Joni  Mabe

  • Book of Nude Men and Rubbers
    (1982) Collage; handmade paper, photographs.
  • Elvis Presley Scrapbook, The
    (1982) Pop-up construction; handset type, mixed media. Courtesy of The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry.

Roseanne  Martin

  • Zig-Grid Book #2
    (1983) Handmade paper, mixed media.

Barbara  Mauriello

  • Floating Carpets
    (1984) Embroidered vellum, paper and silk pictures; bound with brass rods.

Claire  Maziarczyk

  • Father Abraham by William Faulkner
    (1983) Edited by James B. Meriwether, with wood engravings by John de Pol. Published by Red Ozier Press, New York. “Bound at Twelfth Night Bindery, with past papers by Claire Maziarczyk.” Letterpress.

Leigh  McLellan

  • Shaving at Night by Charles Simic
    (1982) Woodcuts by Helen Siegl, published by Meadow Press, San Francisco. Letterpress.

Barbara Maria  Meise

  • The Shekel
    (1983) Gold illumination and calligraphy on parchment.

Lise  Melhorn

  • High Heels
    (1983) Letterpress, cast paper.

Richard  Minsky

  • Blank book
    (1983) Nigerian goatskin. Collection of Susan Pear and Louis K. Meisel.
  • Dog Bite, The by Barton Lidicé Benes.
    (1977) Published by Plain Wrapper Press, New York, 1970. Binding by Richard Minsky, 1977. Skin of unknown origin.
  • Minsky in London by Richard Minsky
    (1980) Edited with an introduction by Pamela Moore. Ninety photographs by Richard Minsky; includes 45 RPM record. New York and London. Letterpress.

Lois  Morrison

  • Story of Ste. Ostrich, The
    (1984) Fabric book with appliqué, embroidery, wood cuts, rubbings.

Marcia  Morse

  • Oxbow Daybook
    (1983) Handmade paper, lithographically printed; white mulberry branch, linen thread.

Franc  Palaia

  • Nightlife
    (1982) Published by Handmade Books, Elizabeth. Paintings by Richard Hambleton. Photographs and book by Franc Palaia. Xerox book.

Tom  Phillips

  • A Humument
    (1973) A Novel after W.H. Mallock. London, Christmas, 1966 to October 1973. Lithography, letterpress.

Maria G.  Pisano

  • Miniatures
    (1983) Etching, relief, embossing; handmade paper.

Lois  Polansky

  • Pattern Windows/ Widows’ Pat-Urns
    Mixed media. Courtesy fo Alexander F. Milliken Gallery.

Diane  Price

  • Adventures of Line, The
    (1983) Japanese binding encased in a cigar box; handmade paper.

Sonya  Rapoport

  • Bonito-Rapoport Shoes
    (1978) Pencil and xerox transfers on computer print-outs.

Carol A.  Reed

  • Archangel
    (1983) Embossed paper.

Gary  Richman

  • Teaching a Carolina Dog to Say “Mama”
    (1983) Kingston, R.I., offset.

Donna  Rini

  • Duet/Duel
    (1982) Printed on Kodak ecta-c-print 100 copier.

John L.  Risseeuw

  • Politics of Underwear, The
    (1973) Letterpress from handset Optima type, offset lithography and embossment on handmade paper.

Marilyn R.  Rosenberg

  • Phlip Two
    (1981) Handcolored xerox; accordion book.

Maurice  Salmon

  • Indian Vestiges
    (1982) Mixed media

Miriam  Schaer

  • Bestiary, USA
    (1983) 14-book series based on the poetry of Anne Sexton. Gouache, pencil drawings, xerography and found objects. 14 books, each 6 x 10 in.

Bruce  Schnabel

  • Navaho Blanket Journal I
    (1977) Nigerian goatskin binding; goatskin inlay and onlay, embroidered silk headbands. Collection of Susan Jacobs.

Susan Joy  Share

  • Stilted Book
    (1984) Folding screen with painted acrylic pages; mounted in a cloth case binding.

Anne Hicks  Siberell

  • Day Before Yesterday’s Ancient Tablets, The
    (1983) Clay, concrete, mixed media; hand-written text.

Skuta Helgason

  • Food Book Six
    (1983) Accordion book; photographs.

A.G.  Smith

  • Argyll II
    (1983) Handmade paper, torn and folded. Ink wash drawing on exterior; painted acrylic interior.

Mimi  Smith

  • Let’s Get Away
    (1980) Accordion book; colored pencils and ink on paper and cardboard.

Philip  Smith

  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville
    (1979) Published by Arion Press, San Francisco. Book sculpture by Philip Smith; board, wood, epoxy-putty, brass, leather. Collection of Arnold Elkind.

Jan  Sobota

  • Muz se Srdcem Kovboje by Jack Schaefer
    (1981) Published by Odeon, Praha, 1970. Binding by Jan Sobota, 1981. Reverse cowhide with onlays; plastic case, open front and head covered with calf.

Alexandra  Soteriou

  • Blue Rondel
    (1982) Cast paper

Buzz  Spector

  • Stone Book
    (1983) Mixed media. Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Gift of Ira G. Wool and Illinois Arts Council Purchase Grant.

Pamela  Spitzmueller

  • Hanging Book or The All-Purpose Weather Book
    (1983) Paper, cedar boards, linen cord, thread.

Ronnie  Stahlecker

  • Crystal Snow
    (1980) Letterpress on handmade paper.

Carol  Sturm

  • Chocorua by Richard Eberhart
    (1981) Published by NADJA (Carol Sturm and Doug Wolf), New York. Letterpress.
  • Eleven Poems by Frederick Morgan
    (1983) Published by NADJA (Carol Sturm and Doug Wolf), New York. Letterpress.

Laurie  Szujewska

  • Milk Carton
    (1984) Letterpress, printed paper formed into 3-dimensional object; boxed.

Mary  Ting

  • Memories
    (1983) Collage and drawings on handmade paper; mixed media.

Vincent  Uccello

  • A Summer Story
    (1984) Handmade paper with four colored paper inserts.

Claire Van Vliet

  • Circus of Dr. Lao, The by Charles G. Finney with Relief Etchings by Claire Van Vliet
    (1984) Published by The Janus Press, West Burke. Letterpress, relief etchings and pochoir.
  • Color of Night, The by W.R. Johnson
    (1982) Published by The Janus Press, West Burke. Pulp painted paperwork; letterpress.
  • Fresh Wind in Venice by James Wright
    (1982) Published by The Janus Press, West Burke. Pulp painted paperwork; letterpress.

Stella  Waitzkin

  • Filmmaker, The
    (1978) Resin

Reginald Walker

  • The Magical Properties of Sunflowers
    (1984) Coptic binding; acrylics, colored pencil, stencils, rubber and brass stamps.

Kathy Walkup

  • In Celebration: Anemos
    (1983) Published by Matrix Press, Palo Alto. Letterpress.

Debra Weier

  • Birds of Paradise
    (1983) Popout and string accordion structure, Canson paper, collage of etchings.

Doug  Wolf

  • Chocorua by Richard Eberhart
    (1981) Published by NADJA (Carol Sturm and Doug Wolf), New York. Letterpress.
  • Eleven Poems by Frederick Morgan
    (1983) Published by NADJA (Carol Sturm and Doug Wolf), New York. Letterpress.

Richard  Zauft

  • Evolution of the Golden Rain Tree by Brad Steiner
    (1982) Published by Flatlands Press, Vermillion. Letterpress on handmade paper; photograph. 13 x 6 in, opens to 13 x 16 3/4 in.

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