Found in Translation

Organized by Marshall Weber, Booklyn Artist Alliance.

This is in international touring exhibition of multi-lingual artists books, prints, and digital and video documentation of innovative projects that explore the cognitive, literary, and political processes of translation. The work in this exhibition will also explore language as a visual form, pattern, and symbol.

Translation is basic to our existence as human beings. It is what literally creates and defines us as a species; from the use of the word to signify the formation of amino acids by our RNA to the internal process whereby our cerebral cortex translates our thoughts into language. Using the term ‘translation’ in a generous and inclusive manner this exhibit examines our human struggle to transform human experience, perception, and thought and into acts and materials of communication. In particular this exhibit will focus on the success of this process and on what has been found rather than lost.

Exhibition Checklist:

  • Harriet  Bart
    The Poetry of Chance Encounters
    (2003) Letterpress printed on Rives BFK 180 GSM, image icons imprinted with 22K gold

  • Xu  Bing
    An Introduction fo Square Word (New English) Calligraphy

  • Nathaniel  Bletter

(Indigenous Medicinal Plant) Talking Books
(2006) Computer printout on glossy printer paper, vinyl, plastic, electronics

  • M.T.  Karthik

Discourse on the Polarizing Events of 2001 (D.o.P.E.)

  • Lewis  Koch

from the series, Notes from the Stone-Paved Path: Meditations on North India
(2002) 4 framed gelatin silver prints

  • Clemens-Tobias  Lange

The Song of the Rider

  • Zahra  Partovi

(1998) Letterpress and etching on Rives and Dieu Donne paper, coptic binding

(1998) Letterpress and etching on Rives and Dieu Donne paper, coptic binding

  • Felicia  Rice

Codex Espangleansis

  • Veronika  Schapers

Jack and Betty Forever
(2005) Letterpress and linocut prints on Japanese notebook paper, CD with old recordings from textbook “Revised Jack and Betty”

  • Clarissa T.  Sligh

Wrongly Bodied Two

  • The Asian Classics Input Project

The Asian Classics Input Project

  • C. David  Thomas

Ho Chi Minh: A Portrait
(2000) Letterpress and inkjet printed Vietnamese mulberry paper

  • Marshall  Weber

The Tide’s Story Project
(2006) with Eliana Perez, Christopher Wilde, Kurt Allersev and Xu Bing
Translated by Jesse Coffino-Goldburg and Zhai Yong-ming
Multimedia, color copy of pen and ink, watercolor, aspiration, acrylic, monoprint, ink, painting and dying on Hanamuhle Ingre paper

The Found in Translation catalogue is now available at The Center for Book Arts, New York ($15) or through Booklyn. 

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Views

Found in Translation (2006) CBA
Found in Translation (2006) CBA
Found in Translation (2006) CBA
Found in Translation (2006) CBA
Found in Translation (2006) CBA
Found in Translation (2006) CBA
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