Fun & Games

Organized by Annabel Lee, Denis Sivack, Adele Slaughter.

The 1988 annual CBA Artist Members Exhibition.

Support for Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Checklist:

3 at the Beach (1988), Carolyn Berry

Three Sheets in the Wind (1988), Martha Carothers
Courtesy of Tony Zwicker. Letterpress, rice paper, wood sticks, string

Nursery Crhymes “A Good Egg” (1988), Ann Mosby Coleman
Paper on paper

DB-32 (Domino Book), Martha Edelstein
wood and fabric

Polaroid, Christopher Erb and Elena Laza
book boxed in hand carved wood box

Headdress, Renate Habinger
handmade paper, photos, mixed media

Viecherein (1988), Renate Habinger
handmade paper

In Adam’s Garden, Gloria Helfgott
fabric, board, paper

Parallels (1988), Gloria Helfgott
Fabric, board, paper, thread

The Chinatown Tourist, Sandra Jackman
mixed notebook items, found objects

Leaf Note Book Murder Mystery, Sandra Jackman
wood, glass, found objects

Fun and Games, Kumi Korf
gigantic & subject to expand; wood, mixed objects

Bim-Boy, Sophie and Ratso (1988), Stephanie Brody Lederman
mixed media with bells and bones

Clearwater, Scott L. McCarney
modified cut postcard accordion book

Bad Changes (1986), Ruth McGurk

Rosie and the Dinosaur, Ruth McGurk
paper illustrated book

Water/Fish – Jacob’s Ladder Book, Lois Morrison
applique, found fabric, dyed cloth, metal

Fishplane (1987), Beverly Nichols
mixed, acrylic, multi-media book

Harry the Pelican (1987), Beverly Nichols
accordion bound etchings on paper

Doug and Ernie Meet the Big Cheese, Janet Pyle
wood, cord, misc. objects

But No Pleasure Is Perfect, John L. Risseeuw
letterpress and silkscreen on Japanese paper

Even Transcendentalists Get the Blues, John L. Risseeuw
letterpress on artist’s handmade paper

Ping Pong (1987), Marilyn R. Rosenberg

M’Grid Mass (Cages Series I), Claire Jeanine Satin
hardware cloth, polyester, aluminum, silkthread

(Ancient) Ruler, Anne Hicks Siberell
paper, wood

Headdress, Robbin Ami Silverberg
handmade paper, photos, mixed media

Viecherein (1988), Robbin Ami Silverberg
handmade paper

Pandora’s Box, Alexandra Soteriou
book materials

Kinder Capers by W.D. Snodgrass (1986), Carol Sturm and Doug Wolf
Letterpress printed Optima type on Whatman paper

A Game of Chess (1986), Ellen Wallenstein
dummy 1984 – 85; accordion book

Order in the Draw-er (1987), Pamela Zwehl-Burke
covers, etchings, 23 litho images

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Fun & Games
Fun & Games
Fun & Games
Fun & Games
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