Guiding Hands

postcard listing artists in the Guiding Hands exhibition
postcard announcement for Guiding Hands

Center for Book Arts 1992 faculty show

This exhibition was supported in part with grants from J.M. Kaplan Fund, Herman Goldman Foundation, Consolodated Edison of New York, and public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Exhibition Checklist:

Question! Does Anyone Want to Buy a Poem?, Danielle Beaumont
(1991) By Mahon Ohefferman. Printed by Malachi McCormick at his Stone Street Press. With electronic typographical rendering of calligraphy

Invisible Cities, Douglas Beube
(1991) Unique. Found objects

Plot, Douglas Beube
(1992) Unique. Found book, graphite, wood, brass

Sigmund Freud, Douglas Beube
(1991) Unique. Found book, knobs

Stories, Douglas Beube
(1991) Unique. Found books, metal

Passages # 95, Kathy Carraccio
(1991) Unique. Collage of letterpress printed pages.

Passages #102, Kathy Carraccio
Unique. Collage of letterpress printed pages.

Passages #34, Kathy Carraccio
Unique. Collage of letterpress printed pages.

JM / RW, Ted Danforth
(1990) By James Merrill. Letterpress printed book with paste-paper covers by Claire Maziarczyck.

The Table Talk of W. H. Auden, Ted Danforth
(1989) By Alan Ansen. Letterpress printed with wood engravings by Dean Bornstein.

Untitled, Sarah Dillon
(1991) Leatherbound blank book with blind and gold tooled cover.

The View, Sharon Durr
(1991) Unique. Pulp paper work.

Empyrean, Timothy C. Ely
(1991) Hand-painted book with leather binding. Cover with tooling and onlay. Paste paper end papers and holographic edge treatment.

Just a Matter of Time, Anita Lynn Forgach
(1991) Etching, silkscreen, chine colle and hand-coloring

Thanks Frank S., Gloria Helfgott
Unique. Leatherbound ook with stencil-cut pages.

Treatyse (Maquette), Gloria Helfgott
Unique. Leatherbound book with fold-out pages, collage.

Untitled, Todd Jorgensen
Laser print of machine manipulated image.

Journal Details, 1980-88, Peter Kruty
By Robert Petersen. AP 8 in a finished cypress box

Spiral, Peter Kruty
(1989) Collage, handcoloring, photoengraved letterpress, 4-color offset lithography and inlaying. BCA with Peter Kruty Editions

In Memory, Katherine Kuehn
(1992) Accordion-fold book with paint, gesso, collage on chinese paper and frosted mylar.

Untitled, Ruth Lingen
(1992) Pochoir on cardboard. Page of book in progress with original work by Donald Traver.

Type Specimens, Mark MacMurray
Letterpress printed book with non-adhesive binding.

Untitled, Barbara Mauriello
(1991) Clothbound blank book

Untitled, Barbara Mauriello
(1991) Leatherbound book with gold tooling

A Mighty Fortress, Clifton Meador
(1989) Offset printed accordion-fold book

Untitled, Richard Minsky
(1991) Blank book of t.H. Saunnders paper. Niger goatskin, lacquer and gold leaf over gessoed boards with silk endbands, edges are watercolor and beeswax.

Bustard, Robbin Ami Silverberg
(1991) Pulp painting using poured pulp technique.

Nemo, Robbin Ami Silverberg
(1991) Accordion-fold pulp paper book.

The Hotel Leautremont, Carol Sturm
(1991) By John Ashberry. Letterpress printed book.

Study for Head Check, Mina Takahashi
(1992) X-ray etching on mitsumata, 2 way mirrir, plastic tubing

Life is Short, Paul Wong
(1992) Paper, pigment, embossed gold leaf.

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