International Artist’s Books Contest of Canada

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Checklist:

Two places at once
(1986) offset, multiple

Douglas  Beube

Unveiling the history of painting, a post modern interpretation by art gossip

(1986) mixed media

Louis-Pierre  Bougie


(1986) mixed media

Jan  Demorest

Manalash Creek

(1986) mixed media

John  Di Stefano


(1986) mixed media

Bernard K.  Fischer

Snap shots

(1984) mixed media

Jean-Claude  Gagnon

Le vif de la miniature (1983) mixed media, multiple

Pnina  Gagnon

Interlude at sea (1985) mixed media

Marc  Garneau

Livroulant (1986) mixed media

Rusdi  Genest

Trumpetting (1986) mixed media

Jean-Pierre  Gilbert

Page d’histoire (1986) mixed media

Charlotte  Gingras

Travelling (1986) xerox

Untitled / Sans titre (1986) color photography

Caroline  Greenwald

Chinese feathers (1986) mixed media

Bernard  Guetteville

Untitled / Sans titre (1986) mixed media

Axel  Heibel

Buchobjekt-D (1985) mixed media

(1984) mixed media

Jerzy  Kucinski

If this were not a free country

(1986) mixed media

Anne  LeBlanc

Livre compilatoire

(1986) mixed media

Nicole  Morello

Regata sul canal Grande

(1986) mixed media

Thérèse  Nadeau


(1986) mixed media

Yves  O’Reilly


(1986) xerox

Janet  Pyle

After the earthquake

(1986) mixed media


Untitled / Sans titre


Marc-André  Roy

Volume digitalisé

(1986) xerography

Etsuko  Sakimura

Little frog, the

(1986) mixed media

Peter  Sramek

In the light of passing

(1986) mixed media

J. W.  Stewart

A story

(1986) mixed media

Jacques H.  Surprenant


(1986) mixed media

Peter  Trépanier

Corresponding with Grandmother Jarvis

photocopy and blue diazo

Timm  Ulrichs

Geflugelte Worte

(1985) mixed media

Gudrun  Von Maltzan

La vision d’un hérisson

(1986) color photography

Pamela  Zwehl-Burke

Book of Ours

(1986) Xerox

Notes on talisman

(1983) mixed media

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