No More Drama: The Saga Continues

This group exhibition presents recent works by contemporary artists responding to the popular culture media format of Latin American telenovelas (soap operas) and their printed comic-book versions called fotonovelas.

The exhibition features work in book form, comic strips, photographs, prints, and video. Addressing the influence and contemporary alterations of the book as an art object and blurring the boundaries between high and low media, these artists are also experimenting with narrative and disjunctive formats to complicate melodramatic content and discuss cultural politics.

The influence and importance of fotonovelas as popular literary works stems from their accessibility and mass-production, and hence can be seen as a form of subversive propaganda. Additionally, the social and political content found in fotonovelas allows for a greater popular discourse on issues considered taboo, such as gender, sex, religion, hierarchy, and economic inequalities. The goal of the exhibition is to shed light on how the fotonovelas as a mass produce book has influence contemporary art practices and, thus, expands the discourse of bookarts.

Exhibition Checklist:

Matias  Aguilar

Baaadland of Papaya Unguinea
(1997) Photocopy

Mescalistico Split
(1997) Composed of 10 Acrylic and Felt Pen on cardboard paintings

Rapture of the Holy Ho
(1997) Photcopy

Tripptick of the Holy Ho
(1997) Photocopy

Emmy  Catedral

after bell hooks
(2004) Digital print on continuous paper roll

Jaime  Cortez

Sexile pages 3, 19, 22, 35, 62,
(2006) Ink on Bristol paper

Sexile pages 6, 25, 52, 63
(2006) Giclee print

Cup ‘o’ Java Studio

O.D’s Helpful Hints #1
(2005) Comic Book

Alex  Donis

(2005) 2 mixed media and silkscreen on paper

Erekshun (Aguilar, Brown, Beseler)

Psychedelic Babe
(2006) CD recorded in Hanover Germany at Gee Man Studios

Ray  Felix & James Winston

Patriot Acts: The Revenge of the Sweet Ass Kid
(2000) 2 India ink on Bristol board

Ray  Felix & Marcus Jones

Imagine vs. Ms. Galaxy = The Lovers Quarrel, pages 29-32
(1995) Ink, inkjet prints on paper, of 260 pg graphic novel

Chitra  Ganesh

Untitled from Amnesia Remembers
(2006) 2 Sumi on denril drawings

Edwin  González

All I Do
(2006) Pen and ink on Bristol paper

(2006) Ink on paper

(2006) Pencil on paper

Derek  Jackson

Welcome to Riis
(2003) 3 Spiral bound laser print

Claudia  Joskowicz

Hacia El Norte (Heading North)
(2006) DVD, 35 sec.

Two Second Love Stories
(2003) 2 Inkjet transfers on cotton T-shirts from each series

Two Second Love Stories
(2004) 2 Inkjet transfers on cotton T-shirts from each series

Two Second Love Stories
(2005) 2 Inkjet transfers on cotton T-shirts from each series

Two Second Love Stories
(2005) Unmounted inkjet prints, mounted archival inkjet print on sintra of A train installation

Swati  Khurana

devOtional Pages
(2006) Collage on paper in hinged mixed media frames

Kalup  Linzy

Conversations Wit De Churen II: All My Churen
(2005) DVD, Length unknown

Ride to Da Club
(2002) DVD, Length unknown

Ivan  Monforte

Always the Last to Know
(2006) Inkjet print

Dolores Fuertez (Always the Last to Know)
(2006) Photocopy newsprint novela

Domingo  Nuño

Some Heads
(2003) 9 pigment jet ink print

Who Needs Porn When You Got Me
(2001) 6 pigment jet ink print

Lai-Chung  Poon

Deck of Cards
(2003) 54 double-sided custom playing cards

Origami Novel
(2005) 24 ink, pencil, collage, acrylic on Bristol drawings

Origami Novel
(2005) 3-12 double-sided prints

Origami Novel Balls
(2005) 3-12 double-sided prints

Origami Novel Package
(2005) 12 double-sided prints w/ DVD

Carlo  Quispe-Salgado

(2004) Black marker on paper

Security Device
(2004) Collage on Jamoud paper

(2004) Ink on glossy paper, perfect binding

Carlo  Quispe-Salgado & Ethan Shoshan

Collaboration Footage of Heaven’s Coast and Lost in Desire
(2005) Video, 11 hours, 30 minutes

Heaven’s Coast
(2005) Ink, mixed media on handmade paper, perfet binding

Lost in Desire
(2005) Drawing, mixed media in a bound book using handmade paper from romance novels

Wanda  Raimundi-Ortíz

I’m Still Wanda from the Block
(2006) DVD, 4 minutes

Soy Latina
(2005) Ink and watercolor on paper, mixed media

Wepa Women (Coloring Books)
(2004) Inkjet print

Jacqueline  Salloum

Arabs A-Go-Go
(2003) DVD, 2 minutes

Planet of the Arabs
(2003) DVD, 9 miinutes

Take One It’s Free
(2005) Mixed media

Ethan  Shoshan

Syndicated Love: Requiem for Love
(2002) 8 books, letterpress rptined on used romance novels, red ribbon

Tempting Jake, Barcode, Identity Unknown, Devil’s Dare, Special Offer
(2002) Letterpress collage on romance novel covers

True Love
(2002) Letterpress-printed from used romance novels

Luis  Sierra

Mala Noche
(2006) 3 pencil and ink on paper drawings w/ accompanying comic book

Boris  Torres

(2006) Oil pastel and pencil on paper, accordian binding

Megan  Whitmarsh & Caroline Rankin

Tiny Unicorn
(2006) Zine printed on newsprint

Tiny Unicorn
(2006) 24 Ink on Bristol board drawings

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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