Open for Action: Political Book Art

Organized by Richard Minsky and Sharon Gilbert

Artists Include:
Art Workers Coalition, Seana Biondolillo, Gaza Bowen, Kyle Bravo, California State Prison, Sue Coe, Sue Coe & Holly Metz, Michael Corris, Critical Art Ensemble, John Fekner, Friends of San Quentin, Sharon Gilbert, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Diana Duncan Holmes, Dave Hornor, Gary Neil Kennedy, Barbara Kruger, Tuli Kupferberg, Edna Lazaron, Nora Ligorano, Josh MacPhee, Miranda Maher, Dona Ann McAdams, Scott L. McCarney, Holly Metz, Richard Minsky, Linda Montano, Louise Odes Neaderland, Joseph Nechvatal, Roxie Paine, Gilles Peress, Stephen Petroff, Adrian Piper, Marshall Reese, Susan Rotolo, Ed Ruscha, Annie Sprinkle, David Thorne, Jean Toche, Larry Walczak, Morrie Warshawski, Carrie Mae Weems, Dale Wittig, John Wood, Jody Zellen, Philip Zimmerman.

Exhibition Checklist:

Sharon Gilbert

Art Workers Coalition
Open Hearing, 1969

Seana Biondolillo
Jab #17, 2001

Gaza Bowen
Waste Not / What Not Catalog, 2002
offset; 100% recycled New Leaf papers: Symphony Gloss and Reincarnation; stapled

Kyle Bravo
How2 Zine no. 1 and 2, 2002
woodcut and photocopy on photocopy paper; pamphlet stitch binding

Kyle Bravo’s Punk Rock Guide to Saving Money, Fighting Capitalism and Having Fun While You’re At It, 2001
photocopy paper, photocopies, pamphlet stitch binding

The Managerial Guide to Beating Workers Into Submission, 2000
photocopy on card stock and paint chips; perfect binding

California State Prison
National Library Week April 21-27, 1963, 1963

Sue Coe & Holly Metz
How to Commit Suicide in South Africa, 1983

Michael Corris
Typographic Samples Pictures Polemics, 1986

Critical Art Ensemble
Action is Addiction, 1992

John Fekner
Queensites, 1982

Friends of San Quentin
Letters to Mother from Prison, 1972
Courtesy of Larry E. Sullivan

Sharon Gilbert
Police (State) USA, 2001
Photocopy, spiral bound

Guerrilla Art Action Group
[Licenses] GAAG-Jon Hendricks & Jean Toche, 1980
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Diana Duncan Holmes
Shitty Little Journal, 1996
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Dave Hornor
Teach Your Child To Tell Time, 1999

Gary Neil Kennedy
Do you believe that art has or can have any effect on politics?, 1993
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Barbara Kruger
You are an Experiment in Terror, 1984
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Tuli Kupferberg
Kill for Peace, Again, 1987
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Edna Lazaron
Terrorism, 1985
Two scrolls of collaged mixed media mounted on unbleached muslin in ceramic container with nails and cork top with miniature cap pistol.

Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese
Bible Belt, 1993
VHS Player; Video; LCD Monitor; New Testament Bible; Plated Belt Buckle; Plexi Book Cradle

The Bible Belt, 1993
Commercially printed bible, leather belt, gold-plated buckle.

Josh MacPhee
Eighteen Street Stencils Number Three, 2000

Seventeen Street Stencils Number Two, 2000
Photocopy, stapled.

Stencil Four, 2001
Photocopy, stapled.

Ten Stencils Number One, 2000
Photocopy, stapled.

Miranda Maher
After Reasonable Research, 1999
From the collection of Sharon Gilbert

Dona Ann McAdams
Black Plastic Spiral

Nuclear Survival Kit, 1979
Black Plastic Spiral

Scott L. McCarney
In Case of Emergency, 1984
Offset and die-cut
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Richard Minsky
Forlorn Hope: The Prison Reform Movement by Larry E. Sullivan, 2000
Binding: Injet on canvas, chain. Wood box, latex paint, lacquer.

Linda Montano
Art in Everyday Life
(1981) Courtesy of Barbara Moore, Bound & Unbound.

Louise Odes Neaderland
The Nuclear Fan, 1983
Card stock in tasseled slipcase.

Shock and Awe, 2003
Photocopy and accordion binding

Joseph Nechvatal
Effects of Nuclear War and You, 1981
Photocopy, stapled. Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art.

Roxie Paine
Holy Bible, 1994
From the collection of Martina Batan.

Gilles Peress
The Silence: Rwanda, 1995
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art.

Stephen Petroff
101 Ways to Kill Each Other Without Nuclear Weapons, 1982
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art.

Adrian Piper
Colored People
From the collection of Sharon Gilbert.

Susan Rotolo
Think, 1995
Rubber stamps reproduced by copier and hand colored; parchment; accordion fold.

Annie Sprinkle
You Can Heal Your Sex Life: a 13 Step Program, 1980
Photocopy. Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

David Thorne
He’s got a gun!, 1999

Men in the News #26 Election Memento, 1993

Jean Toche
Waiter! There is a terrorist in my soup!, 2001
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Larry Walczak
America at War: Publicity photographs from network television programming, 1991
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Morrie Warshawski
Patterns of Oppression (microscope slides), 1978
Wood, glass, photographic film. Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Carrie Mae Weems
And 22 Million Very Tired & Very Angry People, 1992
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Dale Wittig
Town & Country, 1995

John Wood
Ozone Alert, 1996

Jody Zellen
Rewording Images, 1987
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

Philip Zimmerman
Civil Defense, 1984
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art

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