The Artist’s Book in California: Part 1, Northern California

Exhibition Checklist

Wallace  Berman


Semina 7 (reproduction)
(1994) Folder with pocket containing 18 items, mailart magazine, Larkspur, original 1961. The nine issues of “Semina” are essential documents of the beat era, and Wallace Berman was one of the era’s most fascinating and influential figures. He began the magazine in Los Angeles in 1955, when he was given a tabletop press, and produced it at irregular intervals over a period of ten years. “Semina,” which couldn’t be purchased–it was given away to friends and acquaintances–contained his own deeply mysterious collage and poems both by writers he admired (Artaud, Hesse, Cocteau), and by significant poets of his milieu, including Michael McClure, John Wieners, William Burroughs, Robert Duncan, and David Meltzer. McClure called “Semina” “a décor for soul-building.”

Kathleen  Burch

Spontaneous Combustion
(1996) Tesla coil with plastic spiral

Frances  Butler

Wing Kit No. 2
(1989) pine, paper, common hardware/ text burned into wood

Marylee  Bytheriver

Outside Art

Ann  Chamberlain

(1996) drop-spine box by John DeMerritt; alternating sheets of watercolor paper and vellum that have been printed with Ann Chamberlain’s photographs and images from medical records. Working with Robert Buckenmeyer and Griff Williams of Urban Digital Color in San Francisco, she produced continuous tone IRIS prints, registered to represent an accretion of memory and cellular history.

Julie  Chen

Radio Silence
(1996) concertina book and box

Bonnie  Cohen

Golden Pheasant Book
(1995) handmade kozo with rabbit skin glue, pheasant feathers

Betsy  Davids

Turning Into a Pumpkin
(1996) paper bag, photos, collaged elements, handwritten text

Marie  Dern

(1997) Coptic binding in paper covered boards, handcolored photoengravings by Carl Dern

Alisa  Golden

Walking on the Sentence Stones

Georgianna  Greenwood

Eros II
(1994) photocopied images collaged onto Canson paper; handwritten text with India ink, gouache, and a Sakura “Pen Touch” white pen

Susannah  Hays

One Sun, One Apple, One Day
(1998) Vandyke brown photograms on Kaji paper, with slipcase

Mark  Head

Three small books, untitled
(1998) 1997-1998; accordions, open to circular configuration (diameter, height): 4 1/4 x 4; 4 1/4 x 2 1/4; 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 in; linoblock prints and etchings, collaged elements, variants of editions

Charles  Hobson

Andromeda Imagined
(1998) IRIS printed from six mixed-media figure drawings; Binding and clamshell box by John DeMerritt;

Diane  Jacobs

Untitled (bra)
(1998) Woven paper, letterpress printed, and wood; with a box for viewer response

Alastair  Johnston

Muted Hawks
(1997) vertical accordion, letterpress text and illustrations

Lisa  Kokin

Jewish Science
(1998) ten 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 in altered pamphlets

Seth  Kroeck

McCarty Street
(1994) letterpress printed matchbox with wooden matches

Mary  Laird

Firewoman Learns to Carry Water
(1997) Japanese cloth covered drop-spine box; acrylic, pencil, pen and gold leaf painting and embellishment; handwritten text

Graham  Mackintosh

Letter to Che Guevara by Jack Thibeau
(1967) envelope with three 8 1/2 x 11 in sheets/ reproduction of letter, with envelope

Please Plant This Book by Richard Brautigan
(1968) poems letterpress printed onto seed packets

Ruth  McGurk

Hall of Fame
(1998) Baseball horsehide cover, drawings with handlettered text

Howard  Munson

(1997) accordion-fold with paint and collage

Michael  Myers

Common Sense by Tom Raworth
(1973) poetry book in spiral-bound notepad form, letterpress

Nance  O’Banion

Domestic Science: Pop Up Icons and Idioms
(1990) Typography, printing and book production by Julie Chen

Patricia  Olynyk

(1997) lithography, monoprint, drawings, and collage on handmade paper

Asa  Peavy

(1997) illustrations and binding by Coriander Reisbord; The elegant structure, incorporating transparent vellum and evocative red past paper, merges perfectly with the content of this book of poetry – written by a physician – which describes various anatomical systems of the human body. This is certainly the most traditional book in the show, but its heightened utilization of form/content elements, including reduction linocut illustrations of microscopic images, brings it into the realm of the artist’s book.

Luis Delgado  Qualtrough

La Lotería Cosmológica/The Cosmological Lotería
(1996) 42 5 x 7 in toned silver gelatin photographs, mounted to cards, boxed.

Sonya  Rapoport

Arbor Erecta
(1998) web-based book; diskette, computer installation

Transgenic Bagel, The
(1996) web-based book; diskette, computer installation

Coriander  Reisbord

Angry Heart
(1998) used cutting blades sewn into curtain fabric

Felicia  Rice

Codex Espangliensis
(1998) Letterpress printed on Mexican bark paper, accordion binding in portfolio box

Artemio  Rodrigues

(1997) suite of 8 linocuts; portfolio by John DeMerritt

Judith  Serebrin

House Hunting Scroll
(1994) hand-colored etchings and dry-point

Svea  Seredin

Passing Down
(1993) Spheres of text suspended by translucent nylon nets in a box

Anne Hicks  Siberell

(The Work of a) Diligent Scribe

Melissa  Slattery

Lucky Year
(1994) altered book; spackle, beeswax, gesso and polymer

Indigo  Som

Aeronautics of Love, The
(1996) mobile, two paper airplanes;

Rich  Spelker

Bomb-Proof Book (ZRC1(ZI2ZFPR))
(1996) letterpress printed; cast metal enclosure

Seiko  Tachibana

(1997) linoleum block prints and letterpress

Holbrook  Teter

Common Sense by Tom Raworth
(1973) poetry book in spiral-bound notepad form, letterpress

Donna  Thomas

Meditations at the Edge: Paper and Spirit by Dorothy Field
(1996) handmade paper, letterpress, special binding

Peter  Thomas

Meditations at the Edge: Paper and Spirit by Dorothy Field
(1996) handmade paper, letterpress, special binding

Gretchen  Treuting

Remarks on Color by Ludwig Wittgenstein
(1997) laser printed on a variety of materials

Katherine  Venturelli

(1995) three monotypes, accordion structure, wood slipcase; text by Herb Boxhorn

Kathy  Walkup

Village Life English Language
(1998) letterpress printed, with found cuts

Anna  Wolf

Tibetan Prayer Wheel
(1996) cylindrical accordion

Arne  Wolf

Genesis 5: The Generations of Adam
(1996) woodtype prints on vellum

John  Woodall

(1998) ginko leaves, lead, paper from a braille edition of the Old Testament, cardboard, wrapping paper

Dorothy  Yule

Memories of Science
(1996) prototype for an edition; pop-up collages, Mohawk Superfine and Superfine Cover overlaid with paper from a wasp’s nest laminated to Sekeishu

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