Summer Reading

book. spread with text and smears of color
The Introvert (2010) Jill Moser & Charles Bernstein

Curated by Ann Tarantino & Lindsey Landfried

In the high season of leisure reading and scholastic book challenges, Center for Book Arts presents Summer Reading, an exhibition of works by contemporary artists who take creative approaches to the book, text, and language. In this exhibition, the book is simultaneously complemented and subverted. Artists investigate the tradition of artist’s books as artistic structure, storytelling in visual art, the narrative possibilities of language, and the object-ness of book material in circulation. Including prints, sculptures, and works on paper that explore the design and aesthetics of language, this exhibition celebrates the relationship between reading and making. Summer Reading extends beyond the gallery walls to include featured reading lists culled by the artist participants and associated lending lists for all ages, developed with our local partner libraries.

Featuring Breanne Trammell, Cassie Tompkins, Colette Fu, Dan Walsh, Diane Samuels, Erik den Breejen, Jill Moser with Charles Bernstein & Major Jackson, Joy Drury Cox, Lenka Clayton, Lesley Dill, Mary Ellen Bartley, Meg Hitchcock, Michael Mandiberg, Shanti Grumbine, Skye Gilkerson, Tauba Auerbach (Diagonal Press), Travis Head, and Ward Shelley.

Exhibition Checklist

Exhibition Views

Miao Fishing Contest - Colette Fu
65 Flyleaves - Joy Drury Cox
A Lost Mother Tongue - Shanti Grumbine
Blue Icon - Dan Walsh
Breanne Tremmell - Breanne's Not So Great Idea
Head - Lesley Dill
Diane Samuels - Imprints and Artifacts = Pragungen und Werkstuke 7
Michael Mandiberg - Print Wikipedia
Mothers' Days - Lenka Clayton (cover)
People of the Book (from the Unreliable Narrator series) - Ward Shelley
Skye Gilkerson
Summer Reading #5 - Mary Ellen Bartley
The Book of Love (After the Magnetic Fields Song) - Erik den Breejen
The Introvert - Jill Moser & Charles Bernstein1
Vanity Vanity - Meg Hitchcock
There Have Been and Will Be Many San Franciscos - Tauba Auerbach
Z Helix - Tauba Auerbach
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