Textiles/Fibers/Threads: The Book Show

Curated by Kumi Korf and Charlotte Thorp

Exhibition Checklist:

Charlotte Thorp & Susan Andrews
You Will Walk on the Soil of Many Lands: A True Story
Cast paper shoes, cord-wrapped with thread floss and yarn, embellished with stamped brass text and found materials, painted wooden valise and stool

Ralph M.  Arnold
9 Entanglements
Thread and computer printing

Maria  Barbosa
In the Belly of Snake
Fabric, paper, metal, thread, plastic

Nancy  Bauch
Silk Pieces
Hand silk-screened silk, thread, handmade Japanese paper. Letterpress, digital printing.

Bonnie A.  Berkowitz
Quiver of Scrolls
Recycled craft paper, antique thread, glass beads, bamboo, pigments

G. R.  Boggs
The Burlap Buri Book
Burlap, felt, wood beads and knobs, bells, charms, polymer clay, thread, leather thongs

Nancy  Brandt
Savage Surrender
Altered book, embroidery floss, crochet thread, shellac, mulberry paper, apron

Judith  Brindley
Sew What
Mixed media: fabric, thread, buttons, needles, collage, paint, text

Barbara Cash
Custom paper, late 19th century quilt square in cover panel. Handset type.

Sas Colby
Acrylic on canvas with found textile

Ann  Conneman
Sweater Book
Cotton knit cover, steel wire frame, coptic binding, Japanese papers

Beatrice Coron
Teaser Book 2
Mixed media

Katherine D.  Crone
Illusion: All is Illusion #1
Nylon Illusion, nylon horsehair, cover silk organza, ink jet printing

Edith  De Chiara
About Family
Black and white thread, acrylic paint on linen

Leslie  Eliet
Avebury — Standing Stones
ink on silk, paper, cord

Carolyn Fellman
You Will Walk on the Soil of Many Lands: A True Story
Cast paper shoes, cord-wrapped with thread floss and yarn, embellished with stamped brass text and found materials, painted wooden valise and stool

Suellen Glashausser
It’s Our Pleasure
Paper cups, thread, fabric

Janet Goldner
Ini Sogoma/Good Morning
Welded steel, hinges

Carol Hamoy
Women at Work
Paper, lace, fabric, wood, beads, photographic image and acrylic paint

Susan Hensel
Dangling Participle
Handmade flax paper, wool yarn, linen thread, cords, wood, paint, computer text

Ann Kronenberg
Wild in the Woods
Applique, crochet, embroidery, computer type, acrylic paint, book cloth, binder’s board

Lore Lindenfeld
Journal of an Idea
Drawings, pins, thread, polyester, Japanese paper, nylon netting

Mary Ellen Long
Source Book
Jute threads, camel’s hair, handmade and momi paper, rubberstamped text

Birgitta Lund
Journal (Aug.1-Sept.25 1994)
Small rolls of thread worked into watercolor paper

Barbara Mauriello
207 Buttons, and Counting . . .
(1997) Limp vellum tacet binding, decorated with embroidery and buttons. Photos framed with assorted Japanese painted papers. Cloth-covered folding box.

Gammy Miller
A Spool for My Thoughts
Old wooden spool, Kizukishi paper, handwritten words

Marjorie Miller
All Our Yesterdays
Mixed media, cotton fabric, paper

Lois Morrison
Japanese Rabbits
Found fabric, thread pulled through beads

Joan Pao
Re/Tracing Threads
Mixed media, photo transfer, embroidery

Lisa Pedolsky
Found book, handmade paper, thread. Chinese characters from student workbook.

Werner Pfeiffer
Little Treasure
Wooden box, paper, threads

Lise Poirier
Mending My Ways
Two books, found objects, handmade paper

Zenaide Reiss
Textile Prayers
Hand-dyed silk, cotton, hand-dyed linen ikat

Gail Resen
The Book of Babel
Handmade papers, book pages from foreign language books (poetry, bibles, dictionary) metallic thread, wood, acrylic paint

Nanilee S. Robarge
Sedum Spec Book
Cotton handkerchiefs, silkscreen with dyes

John Ross
The Sacred Land
Collagraph plates (made with textured fabrics). Letterpress. Clamshell box.

Claire Jeanine Satin
JCMCJJ/Dancers on a Plane/Bookwork XII
Aluminum, steel wire, perforations, ink/handwritten reassembled text

Miriam Schaer
Baby Love
Toddler dress, acrylic, ink, Xerox, plastic doll, hand-cut lettering, pop song lyrics

Ken Schnall
Oil/canvanc, mesh/model paste

Genie Shenk
The Slow Ties of Love and Pain
Wood, paper, mica, silk suture, Xeroxes

Robbin Ami Silverberg & Christiane Wustinger
Knitting Poetry
Dobbin Mill hemp/cotton paper, cotton/flax weaving, hemp/cotton pulp painting with graphite

Textile Study Group of New York
Many Pages
Mixed media, fiber, fabric, plexi box, paper, yarn

Yvonne Welch
Stitchers ABC
Fabric, thread, handmade paper, fabric collage, machine stitching

Michele Walker Wenzke
Mixed media, weaving

Carol D. Westfall
–And The Some–
Linen, ramie, gold, weaving

Christa Wolf
Quilt Memory
Four etchings, board, quilt, handmade paper

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