The International Library

a book project by Helmut Löhr in which a network of artists communicate through the exchange of book objects

Brian Hannon said of the exhibition: “Every work in this exhibition suggests a personal history and an unseen, private library of ideas. In addition to being artists, some of of the contributors to the library have been or are currently: anthropologist, theatrical set designers, bookbinders, botanists, woodworkers, grave diggers, political prisoners, blacksmiths, linguists, sculptors, architects, performers, arts administrators, sociologists, publishers, fashion designers, photographers, ceramicists, silversmiths, layers, phycologists, and speech therapists. From a common object comes a multiplicity of ideas about the times in which we live, the daily challenges we confront, and the future we hope for.”

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Artists include:

Gloria  Adrian     
Hartmut  Andryczuk     
Frank  Aoi     
Ulrike  Arnold     
Harriet  Bart     
Mark  Beard     
Douglas  Beube     
Joao  Mauricio  Carvalho     
Gérard  Charrière     
Ted  Clausen     
Byron  Clercx     
Anja  Deerberg     
Marylyn  Dintenfass     
Hilka-Frauke  Duckwitz     
Gerhild  Ebel     
Robert  Ellsworth III     
Felix  Furtwängler     
G.  W.  Göttker     
Thomas  Günther     
Lynn  Geesaman     
Albrecht  Genin     
Giesela  Groener     
Koichi  Hara     
Ulrich  Hinrichsmeyer     
Basia  Irland     
Alain  Jadot     
Tom  Joyce     
Ben  Kinmont     
Vesna  Krezich  Kittelson     
Jana  Kluge     
Laszlo  Lakner     
Hans-Peter  Leicht     
Marianne  Lindow     
Martha  Little     
Angela  Lorenz     
Scott  L.  McCarney     
Renate  Mergemeier-Teltz     
Wes  Mills     
Wolfgang  Nieblich     
Jürgen  Olbrich     
Hinrich  Peters     
Eric  Powell     
Karin  R’hila     
Hartmut  Sörgel     
Ric  Schachtebeck     
Daniel  Schäfer     
Sabine  Sinzel     
Keith  Smith     
Buzz  Spector     
Stephan  Stüttgen     
Birgit  Thelan     
Terrence  Tighe     
Martine  Tremblay     
Anton  Würth     
Uwe  Warnke     
Lawrence  Weiner     
Hansa  Wisskirchen

Exhibition Views

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