To be continued

White exhibition catalog with large black letters at the top and smaller black text filling the bottom half of the page.
Exhibition catalog for "To Be Continued: The Sequential Image in Photographic Books"

The sequential image in photographic books organized by Norman B. Colp.

Norman B. Colp, the curator, said of the exhibit: “This exhibit brings together a group of artists whose photographic bookworks have common focal points even though they are from such diverse locations as New Mexico, Illinois, Massachusetts, The Netherlands, and Germany. Some have only begun showing in recent years while others are well established in the art world…Souza, Gleber, Mendoza and Kahlen deal with the manipulation of the photo image…Three others are concerned with human activities that are so commonplace that we fail to give them any importance in our visual landscape…The remaining seven photographers’ books are about ordinary things.”

The Center for Book Arts collections includes the exhibition catalogue and the exhibition invitation.

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Exhibition Checklist:

Fifth Point of the Compass, 1980
1977-80. 16 color prints. Edition made on order. An unbound boxed book.

Grass Roll, 1980
Ania Bien
7 black and white photographs. A single section casebound book and photocopy duplicate.

Windows, P.S. 1, 1980
Phyllis Bilick
12 color photographs. Unique. A cloth bound book.

Drink, 1979
Norman B. Colp
10 color prints. A casebound book.

Tucson Sequences No. 8&9, 1980
Barbara Crane
20 Polaroid prints. Unique. A Japanese bound book.

Chicago Sky Line, 1977
Conrad Gleber
24 two-color images. Signed unnumbered edition. A riveted fan book.

Face Phases, 1976
George Griffin
54 offset black and white images. A staple flipbook.

Flaming Photos, 1980
Charles Hovland
8 color photocopied images. Unique. A Japanese bound book.

Worn Out Pictures, 1980
Wolf Kahlen
12 black and white photographs. Unique. An accordion fold book bound by Denis Gouey, New York, NY.

Farmhouses, Thomaston, Maine, 1980
Richard McKown
47 hand colored black and white photocopy images. Unique. A scroll.

Growth Calendar, The, 1978
Antonio Mendoza
12 photocopied images. Unique. A plastic spiral bound book.

Burning Small Fires, 1969 or 1970
Bruce Nauman
15 black and white images. Unnumbered edition. One sheet fold out book.

Roses, 1980
Klaus Schnitzer
13 palladium photographs. Unique. An unbound book of photos with text.

Roses, 1980
Robert Sennhauser
13 palladium photographs. Unique. An unbound book of photos with text.

Puzzle, 1980
Al Souza
16 Polaroid prints. Unique. An accordion book with dust cover.

Exhibition Views

Horizontal white piece with black strip at the top. Under that is "To be continued" in large, bold, black text. Under that is 3 columns of smaller black text
Invitation to the opening of the exhibition, "To be continued" on March 3, 1981 at the International Center of Photography.
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