Travel Books

The 1987 annual Artist Members Exhibition

For thousands of years people have written and illustrated books about their travels. The fascination with new places, or new times in old places, is universal. In this show we present work by 18 contemporary artists whose travels take us through Egypt, Paris, a cave, and a dressmaker’s pattern.

Whether the voyage is through a strange land or through inner space, each artist brings a vision and history to the subject. Some of the work is entirely visual, and some employ text. In most cases the structure of the book is of major interest, whether of ceramic or terrycloth, and in traditional sewn form or the use of accordion folds. The latter is much more in evidence, as it provides the artists with a way of producing sequential images and having them all visible simultaneously.

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Checklist:

Four Seasons, The (Memories from Tuscany, Italy), 1987
Piedad  Ceballos-Caicedo
Handmade paper, watercolor, accordion fold with embossed paper covers.

A Turkish Memory, 1985
Evelyn  Eller
Accordion fold paper collage and photographs, suede cover.

Renate  Habinger

Dressmakers Journey to Vollschlanke
(1987) Paper pattern, maps, fasteners, yarn, cloth.

William  Harroff

Gulliver’s Travels

Ric  Haynes

Cave Book, The
(1986) Painting, collage, photos in multi-layer accordion fold.

June  Hildebrand

Diary/Travel Book
(1960) Diary with photos, drawings, and collage; map covered slipcase.

Mary Jane  Kidd

Egyptian Travelling Boat
(1987) Rives BFK, accordion fold, pop-ups, collage.

Barbara  Korbel

Dakota Silence
(1984) 5 gum dichromate prints and 3 color photos. Stonehenge paper, Japanese papers in drop spine box.

Kumi  Korf

A Journey
(1987) Two collages with handmade paper, letters and photos.

Hanne  Lauridsen

Blackie’s First Visit to Bob’s House
(1986) Crayons on wallpaper canvas roll.

Edna  Lazaron

Souvenir Vignette/Egyptians
(1981) Various formats of color xerox, unbound in ceramic portfolio in cloth pouch.

Susan  Mills

Florida Diary
(1985) Unbound. Painting, collage and handsewn ties, text on plastic pages in terrycloth cover.

Janet  Pyle

(1987) Cardboard, colored papers, gouache, colored pencil, screws and nuts.

Sonya  Rapoport

July Journal
(1977) Copy transfer, color typing, pencil on rag paper, bound by 35″ split stick

Margaret Ahrens  Sahlstrand

Wish I Had a Silver Box
(1986) Drawings (colored pencil, graphite, oil pastel and gold leaf) on Magnani Incisioni paper bound in black cloth over rag matboard.

Miriam  Schaer

Celestial Voyages
(1987) Mixed media.

Anne Hicks  Siberell

(1987) Cover is made of clay and ultra suede. Bound with silver colored cord. Paper is from the Imago Paper Mill.

Robbin Ami  Silverberg

Dressmakers Journey to Vollschlanke
(1987) Paper pattern, maps, fasteners, yarn, cloth.

Pamela  Spitzmueller

Restless and Reckless– A First Trip to New Orleans(1987) Xerox on ledger paper, 2 leaves hinged to accordion tab conservation binding, paper covers with xerox and ink.

Exhibition Views

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