Zitouna at 20: Roni Gross

2008 was the 20th Anniversary of Zitouna press, which means “olive” in Arabic. Started in 1988 by Roni Gross, the press publishes multiple editions twice a year for Halloween and Valentines Day. These holidays were chosen because they are secular and thus inclusive. Beginning as cards, they soon became vehicles for investigations into the origins of these holidays; meditations on the seasons in which they occur; folklore from around the world; mating rituals, word play and numerous other topics. The objects have taken many forms over the years, from constructed Rolodex books, to broadsides, to photographic puzzles. Letterpress, offset and Xerox printing, photography, watercolor, and collage have been some of the mediums employed.

Exhibition Checklist:

Roni  Gross

14 Positions
(2005) Letterpress printed broadside

Above & Below
(2006) Letterpress printed, brush and ink drawing

(2008) Letterpress printed book

(2003) Letterpress printed books

(1992) Laser printed book

Before & After
(2001) Xerox printed double book

Coming Clean
(2006) Letterpress printed book

Double Puzzle
(2002) letterpress printed broadside

Ghost Operator
(1995) Color Xerox constructed rolodex

Ghosts & Skeletons
(2001) Letterpress printed hanging piece

Hand Card
(1990) Collage and photograph, various

Hearts and Flowers
(2001) Letterpress printed broadside

Homage to the Alhambra
(1991) Paper and ink

I See You Everywhere
(2003) Letterpress printed Broadsides

If Luvin’ You is Wrong
(2008) Letterpress printed broadside

(2007) Letterpress printed book

(1999) Xerox printed book

Lover’s Knot
(2009) Letterpress printed vovelle

(1996) Letterpress printed broadside

(1996) Letterpress and Xerox printed matchbook

Missing Person Report
(2005) Letterpress, offset and Xerox printed collection

Pardon My Love
(1994) Accordion folded card, letterpress printed

Photographic Puzzle
(1998) Xerox printed cards, various

Photographic Puzzle
(1998) Xerox printed cards, various

(1995) Letterpress and Xerox printing

(1993) Letterpress printed book

Secrets II
(1994) Xerox printed book

Spirits of the Wood
(2007) Offset printed book

Sugar Baby
(2004) Letterpress printed card

The Evil Eye
(1998) Xerox printed object

The First One
(1988) Xerox printed card

They Cast No Shadows
(2002) Xerox printed photographic double flag book

(1999) Laser printed wood-covered book

Vestigial Leprecauns
(2004) Letterpress and Xerox printed object

Exhibition Checklist:

Woven Valentine
(1992) Gate fold card

Artist Talk with Roni Gross

Wednesday, May 6 at 6:30 pm
Wine and Cheese Reception
Suggested Admission to Public Programs: $10/$5 members

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