Béatrice Coron

Beatrice working on a large papercut of a city skyline
black paper cut over orange paper


Paper-cutting artist Béatrice Coron (she/her) was born and raised in France and lived on several different continents before settling in New York City.

She pursues visual storytelling through paper-cutting – creating artist books, digital animations, and public art.

Her work can be seen in major collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center.

She has completed public art projects for public transit systems in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Artist Statement

I collect many stories. Born and raised in France, and grew up to become a city dweller, a shepherdess and truck driver among many other things.

When I worked in tourism, I lived in Egypt, China, Mexico… I enjoy stories and working with my hands. That’s why settling as an artist in New York City.

I explore visual storytelling with the techniques of paper-cutting. I draw with a blade to create empty and full shapes in artist books that cast shadows. Playing with shapes from 2D to 3D, each project follows its own path. For public art, I translate my hand-cut artwork into metal, glass, or stone. I look for communities to connect with other artists around common interests.


Artist Books; Animation; Architecture; Design; Drawing; Sculpture; Paper cutting; Public Art

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IG: @cutstories

Twitter: @cutstories

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