A rectangular gallery with white walls with several hanging black tables with open books. There are two velvet enclosed cases against the right wall, and a small white table in the foreground. There is gallery lighting throughout.
Gallery view of Out of Sight, Beyond Touch

As one of the few contemporary arts organizations dedicated to the art of the book, and the only location in New York City at which visitors can view book art exhibitions in the context of active studios where they can meet practicing book artists. In keeping with the Center’s mission, our exhibitions place book art practice within the larger context of contemporary art, exploring the book as object, media, and as a site of resistance.

Support for Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Our Spring 2021 Exhibitions: Interspecies Futures curated by Oscar Salguero, Veiled Taxonomies by Betsy Stirratt, and Lights, Tunnels, Passages, & Shadows by Maureen Catbagan, will open on April 16th.

Center for Book Arts welcomes all and makes every attempt to accommodate our community’s access needs. The Center’s building has an elevator, with a backup elector, which are both accessible from street level. Our galleries and studio space are wheelchair accessible with an ADA-compliant bathroom. The space is regularly cleaned and sanitized. If you do not have a mask when you arrive, one will be provided for you. Large type programs are available on request. Please call ahead if you have questions or needs.

Veiled Taxonomies

Several hang tags with images of people and text connected by reddish brown string tied together

Interspecies Futures [IF]

Monochromatic image of a female-bodied person with floating green bubbles with biological specimin

Lights, Tunnels, Passages & Shadows

A triptych of diffused images, the first is of a silhouette of a figure, the second is darkly colored, the third is off-white with a zig zag pattern
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