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For more than 25 years, Center for Book Arts has annually invited writers to submit a manuscript for review by a guest judge who is an expert in the field.

The guest judge selects a winner and two runners-up for the competition.

CBA then commissions artists to design and produce a limited-edition chapbook of the competition winner’s manuscript, a limited-edition chapbook of a manuscript by the guest judge, and two limited-edition broadsides respectively featuring poems by the competition runners-up.

CBA also programs a reading and publication launch as part of the competition. Publications from previous competitions are available in the bookshop.

Each year, the competition winner receives ten copies of their chapbook, a $500 honorarium, a $500 stipend to participate in the competition reading, a week-long stay at Millay Arts, and one copy each of the guest judge’s chapbook and the runners-up’s broadsides.

The two runners up each receive ten copies of their respective limited-edition broadside, a $250 honorarium to participate in the competition reading, and one copy each of the winner and guest judge’s chapbooks.


2022 Guest Judge: Mei-mei Berssenbrugge is the author of fourteen books of poetry, and has collaborated with many artists, including Richard Tuttle and Kiki Smith. Her most recent book, A Treatise on Stars (New Directions), received the Bollingen Prize for Poetry. She lives in northern New Mexico.



2021 Competition

Winner: Bianca Rae Messinger
Runners-up: Dujie Tahat & Benjamin Aleshire
Guest Judge: Simone White

2020 Competition

Winner: Katerina I. Ramos-Jordán
Runners-up: Rushi Vyas & Emily Bludworth de Barrios
Guest Judge: Raquel Salas Rivera

2019 Competition

Winner: Miriam Bird Greenberg
runners-up: Ayokunle Falomo & Trinity Tibe
Guest Judge: Edwin Torres

2018 Competition

Winner: Luisa A. Igloria
Runners-up: Jason Baker & Elly Bookman
Guest Judge: Natasha Trethewey

2017 Winner

Winner: Kim Fberly Kruge
Runners-up: Dave Denny & Basma Kavanagh
Guest Judge: Juan Filipe Herrera

2016 Winner

Winner: Emily Carlson
Runners-up: Fritz Ward & Patrick Donnelly
Guest Judge: Mary Ruefle

2015 Competition

Winner: Diana Marie-Delgado
Runners-up: Joy Katz & Pablo Miguel Martinez
Guest Judge: Cornelius Eady

2014 Competition

Winner: Sara Wallace
Runners-up: Carol Ann Davis & M. Callen
Organized by David St. John

2013 Competition

Winner: Sandra Beasley
Runners-up: Sheila Carter-Jones, Joshua Kryah & Alexandra Lytton Regalado
Guest Judge: Henryette Mullen

2012 Competition

Winner: V. Penelope Pelizzon
Runners up Rob Stephens & Susan B.A. Somers-Willet
Organized by Phillis Levin

2011 Competition

Winner: Nehassaiu deGannes
Runners-up: Sue Burton & Mark McKain
Guest Judge: Kimiko Hahn

2010 Competition

Winner: Alexander Long
Runners-up: Hadara Bar-Nadar, Deborah Flanagan & Jennifer Perrine
Guest Judge: Terrance Hayes

2009 Competition

Winner: Bonnie Jo Campbell
Runners up: Lucia Perillo & Teresa Leo
Guest Judge: Kim Addonizio

2008 Competition

Winner: Robert Ostrom
Runners-up: Page Starzinger & Rusty Morrison
Guest Judge: Tomaz Salamun

2007 Competition

Winner: Eric Pankey
Runners up Beth Ann Fennelly and Ann Snodgrass
Organized by Jane Hirshfield

2006 Competition

Winner: Jesse Lee Kercheval
Runners-up: Stephanie Lenox & Matthew Thorburn
Guest Judge: Albert Goldbarth

2005 Competition

Winner: Ailish Hopper
Runners-up: Ann Fisher-Wirth & Joy Katz
Guest Judge: Jean Valentine

2004 Competition

Winner: Jeffrey Skinner
Runners up: Jillian Weise & Ted Mathys
Guest Judge: C.K. Williams

2003 Competition

Winner L.B. Thompson
Runners-up: Eve Grubin & Barbara Ungar
Guest Judge: Marie Howe

2002 Competition

Winner: Rachel Zucker
Guest Judge: Lynn Emmanuel

2001 Competition

Winner: Jack Ridl
Guest Judge: Billy Collins

2000 Competition

Winner Terri Witek
Guest Judge: Rachel Hadas

1999 Competition

Winner: Donald Platt
Guest Judge: Eaven Boland

1998 Competition

Winner: James Haug
Guest Judge: Gerald Stern

1997 Competition

Winner Judith Vollmer
Guest Judge: Mark Doty

1996 Competition

Winner: Andrew Kaufman

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