#sky #nofilter

black book with metal spiral binding
#sky #nofilter (2020) Chloë Bass
book held up against the blue of the sky
#sky #nofilter (2020) Chloë Bass
#sky #nofilter (2020) Chloë Bass
#sky #nofilter (2020) Chloë Bass

Publisher: DoubleCross Press

Edition: 300

Year: 2020

Binding: Spiral bound softcover

Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.25 inches

#sky #nofilter was originally a photography project examining how Bass’s smartphone camera (a 2.5 year-old iPhone 5c) represented subtle shifts in the color blue when taking photos of the uninterrupted sky on cloudless days. What started as a way of marking time and a philosophical investigation of digital “seeing” quickly became something else entirely: a combined abstract image and writing project chronicling the violent upheavals structuring everyday life in the United States between March 2016 and March 2017. This publication brings together Bass’s writing, originally published on Instagram, and a series of reflections mostly written for the project’s one-year anniversary in March and April 2017. This publication marks the first time Bass’s full #sky #nofilter text has appeared, unaccompanied by images, in print.



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