Salt Mother, Animal Dad

book cover with grizzly bear head
Salt Mother, Animal Dad (2004) Jeffrey Skinner

Publisher: Center for Book Arts

Edition: 100

Year: 2004

Binding: Hand Sewn Softcover

Dimensions: 7 x 9 inches

Pages: 32


  • letterpress
  • signed and numbered by the poet

Salt Mother, Animal Dad by Jeffrey Skinner was selected as the winning manuscript by C.K. Williams and Sharon Dolin for the CBA Chapbook Competition in 2004. This book was designed, printed, and bound in an edition of 100 by Nancy Loeber in honor of the poet’s reading at Center for Book arts that same year.


  • Widow’s Walk
  • Gulls
  • The Long Marriage
  • White Dwarf
  • My Dates
  • Reading the Bay
  • My Retirement
  • East Coast Post-Adolescent Blues
  • Rupert Murdock’s Yacht
  • Impatiens in Draught
  • The Climbers
  • My Father’s Brain
  • The Experiment
  • Lucky Day
  • Johnston & Murphy
  • Homage to Poe
  • Victor F. on Hoarseback
  • The Three Temptations of My Father
  • Some Colors
  • The Invalid
  • The Adirondacks
  • Hard Labor



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