The Golden Touch Pin

a gold lapel pin of a hand pointing left
Golden Pin, 2023
A gold pin shaped like a pointing hand, held in someone's fingers above a piece of paper printed with the same image of the pointing hand in chartreuse ink.
The printed manicule vs. the pin.

Edition: 100 pins

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 1 x 0.5 inches


  • golden metal pin
  • black enamel

The manicule—also known as a printer’s fist, indicule, indicator, bishop’s fist, pointer, or pointing hand—is a hand-shaped print ornament used for literally centuries by printers to draw the reader’s attention to marginal notes and important information. To design this pin, Gillian and Caroline printed a few different hand-shaped ornaments from the letterpress type collection using a Vandercook in the printshop. We chose to make a pin from this one for its size, classic little sleeve cuff, and etched shadows and fingernails. And this pin is actually the exact size of the printed image of the ornament in our collection! Draw attention to your fabulous style and taste, and celebrate letterpress printing history, with this gold-plated enamel lapel pin! This stunning golden pin was produced to benefit Center for Book Arts in 2023.



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