If A Book Has A Head & Tail, Does It Also Have A Heart?

Event Info

This event takes place on Wednesday, June 22  6-9PM at Center for Book Arts, 28 W. 27th St., 3rd floor.


How do we begin to understand the world? We are all collectors of some kind—collectors of experiences, books, pictures, emails… we do this as a way to build relationships with our surroundings. As humans, and similar to books, we are made up of a collection of thoughts and parts. A hand. A nose. A head. In a way we all are archives of our lives and communities. The actions we’ve taken and avoided have shaped us as we grew into what we are today.

Join Curator Shahar Kramer, with special guests Nontsi Mutiti, Yusuf Hassan, STo Len, and Betsy Damon for an unmissable event to celebrate the launch of the catalog for Beyond Codex: Living Archives.

Event Schedule:

  • 6:00–6.30: Reception and catalogue release
  • 6:30–6:50: Film screening Some Writers give you two heartbeats
  • 6:50–7:20: Yusuf Hassan in conversation
  • 7:20–7:30: Intermission
  • 7:30–8:00: sTo Presentation: Residency at the Department of Sanitation and Archival Screening
  • 8:00–8:30: Betsy Damon Keepers of the Water Presentation
  • 8:30–9:00: Panel with Q&A: sTo and Betsy

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