Matière: Fur, Fabric, Leather, Paper, and Ink at Small Craft Advisory Press

Multiple images of artists books
Courtesy of Denise Bookwalter
Image of Denise closely investigating prints on a table
Courtesy of Denise Bookwalter

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Books are objects intended to be handled. Even with digital books there exists an element of touch as fingers swipe or scroll across a screen. Book artists consider the fragility of the book  and how to make them strong enough to withstand the hands of the reader and intuitive enough  to show a reader how to touch them.  

The collaborative books published at Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP) embraces tactility and  materiality as integral elements in creating and interacting with book objects. In this moment  separated by distance and mediated by screens Bookwalter will draw your attention to the  tactility of the materials used to create a complete experience bound into an artist book. Small Craft Advisory Press at Florida State University, works with artists, writers, scholars, and  students. SCAP has published collaborative artists books since 2009.  

Participants should read this article by Anne Albers prior to the event.

Denise Bookwalter is an, artist, teacher, and founding director of SCAP and will present the  history of SCAP and its evolving mission. The discussion will include a deep dive into three of  SCAP’s projects focusing on the collaborative process, the importance of materials and tactility,  and our definition of an artist book. Denise will also discuss her personal studio practice and  how collaboration and tactility are integral parts of all of her work. 

The Book Talk series organized by Roni Gross, features artists, academics, and  people developing critical dialogue around books.

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