25th Anniversary Chapbook Contest Poetry Reading & Publications Launch

Bianca Rae Messinger (2021)
Duji Tahat (2021)
Benjamin Aleshire (2021)
Alva Mooses, 2021 Book Artist-in-Residence
Portrait of a man smiling at the camera, wearing a grey t-shirt with his arms crossed in front of him, and a brick wall with a printed poster behind him.
Oswaldo Garcia, 2021 Book Artist-in-Residence
Simone White stares back at you with an air of calm
Simone White (2019)

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This poetry reading and publications launch celebrating our 2021 Chapbook Competition winner, Bianca Rae Messinger, and runners-up, Dujie Tahat & Benjamin Aleshire, was moderated by the competition’s 2021 Guest Judge, Simone White. We also heard from the CBA artists who designed, printed, and assembled this year’s publications: 2020-2021 Book Artists-in-Residence, Alva Mooses & Oswaldo Garcia; Instructor, Yuchen Chang; and Administrative Assistant, Allison Carter-Beaulé.

Of Messinger’s winning manuscript ‘Parallel Bars,’ White said, “This group of poems changes on each page, apparently enacting what it says, ‘feeling what it’s like to feel things over a continuum instead of a sharp peak and valley.’ It’s not that this sentiment is so much a breakthrough (this statement is not unlike William James’ about ‘feelings of and,’ to take one example of how the century has dealt with writing feelings)—it’s the invention of an explosive, wry diagrammatic specific talking that makes the group of poems so great and makes them stand independent, wanting their own small book.”

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This event is funded in part by Poets & Writers through public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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Open Letter–>

Chapbook by Simone White, designed and produced by Alva Mooses.

Parallel Bars–>

Chapbook by Bianca Rae Messinger, designed and produced by Yuchen Chang.

In Praise of Impending Balikbayan: Irreversible Ecological Disaster–>

Broadside by Dujie Tahat, designed and produced by Oswaldo García.

Numb With Grief From My Mother’s Sudden Death, I Write This Poem About Bottlegourds For A Handsome Farmer–>

eight of cups with the silouette of fox mulder leaving a diner

Broadside by Benjamin Aleshire, designed and produced by Allison Carter-Beaulé.

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