ladder leans against the wall with accordion artist's book hanging beside it
Deposits (2019) Inge Bruggeman
fair skinned woman with short black hair
Inge Bruggeman (2019)

Event Info

Join us for an artist talk by featured artist Inge Bruggeman. Based in Santa Barbara, California, this is a rare opportunity to hear this accomplished book artist talk about her work.  Inge Bruggeman’s work revolves around the idea of the book—the book as object, artifact, and cultural icon. She is interested in the act of creative publishing and the diverse materials and approaches this has taken across cultures and across time.

She is particularly focused on the evolution of the book; publication arts in a post-digital age. The book continues to be an inherently interdisciplinary, interactive, and mixed media environment to explore—one that holds a powerful history of free speech, creative expression, and the democratic multiple at its heart. Bruggeman makes artist books, fine press publications, prints, and other text-based art that investigates our personal and collective relationship to the shifting role of the book, print media, and text in our world today. Inge has an avid interest in the history of the French livre d’artiste and the contemporary artist book in France.

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