A Long Hill Homeward Artist Talk

Leonard Seastone at the hand press

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Leonard will be reading from his latest TideLine book A Long Hill Homeward. The reading of these stories are the means to introduce the processes he created and developed in order to print. This includes the “printing” of gold leaf on a flatbed press; the relief-offset process of printmaking; and the method of printing handset, curved type across the folds of two folios. Included with be the artist’s thoughts on the philosophical position of the author/artist/printer as a dynamic gestalt.

Please join us in-person at 2pm on October 22 for Leonard Seastone’s artist talk and a reading from A Long Hill Homeward, his latest publication. (A link to Livestream will also be available)

About Leonard Seastone

Leonard Seastone printed and published TideLine Press’ first book in October 1972. A Solo in the Choir was cut in French linoleum and printed by rubbing with a small teaspoon. Now, 50 years on, Seastone’s A Long Hill Homeward is being launched at Center For Book Arts. A book 16+ years in the works. These two books represent the book-ends of Seastone’s TideLine publications. And with a selection of other works, they represent his five decades as an artist, printer, and binder. Many books exhibited are open for handling. This exhibition displays the artist as originally self taught, his experimentation and invention, and includes his storytelling for which he is also well known. Leonard Seastone’s Tideline Press 1972-2022 and A Long Hill Homeward, is on exhibit Center For Book Arts, from October 7 to December 10, 2022.

This in-person event takes place at CBA (28 W 27 St, 3rd Fl)


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