Group Exhibitions

Photos of Group Exhibition: Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling

Curated by Paige Landesberg
On view July15 – September 24, 2022
Artists include: Aarati Akkapeddi, Adam Pendleton, Andrea Fraser, BlackMass Publishing, Hương Ngô, Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain

Exhibition Catalog

Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling

Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling
Edition: 500
Year: 2022
Binding: Softcover, prong bound
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 130
ISBN: 78-1-951163-09-9

The book Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling, edited by Paige Landesberg and designed by Brian Paul Lamott, accompanies the exhibition of the same name and includes contributions by Aarati Akkapeddi, Yusuf Hassan (BlackMass Publishing), Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain, Sarah Cook, Andrea Fraser, Paige Landesberg, Huong Ngo, and Adam Pendleton, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Corina Reynolds, Paul Souellis. This book introduces the reader to key ideas surrounding the document within contemporary art.

Photos of Group Exhibition: Beyond Codex: Living Archives

Curated by Shahar Kramer and Anthony Tino.
On view April 21-June 25, 2022
Artists include: Michael Rakowitz; Mina Shoaib; Hardworking Goodlooking; Jumbo; Matjaž Tančič; Mindy Seu; Betsy Damon; Liliana Farber; Irmak Canevi & Marie von Heyl; Abie Franklin; T. Shanaathanan; Ai Weiwei, Xu Bing, & Zeng Xiaojun.

Exhibition Catalog

Beyond Codex: Living Archives
Edition: 200
Year: 2022
Binding: Perfect Bound Softcover
Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches
Pages: 74
ISBN: 1978-1-951163-26-6

We often think of the book as a container; an inert vessel that patiently awaits contact, its words and pictures permanently fixed in time and place on the page. There are books, however, that invite re-animation–even conversation–with what is contained therein. 

Photos of Group Exhibition: Craft & Conceptual Art: Reshaping the Legacy of Artist Books

Curated by Megan N. Liberty
Opening in Spring 2023
Artists include: Hariet Bart, Barton Lidice Benes, Helen M. Brunner, Frances Butler, Ulises Carrión, Sas Colby, Betsy Davids, Agnes Denes, Martha Dermisache, Mindell Dubansky, Robert Filliou, Sharon Gilbert, Jacqui Holmes, Amos Paul Kenedy Jr, Susan E. King, Alison Knowles, Suzanne Lacy, Ellen Lanyon, Sol Lewit, Gordon Matta-Clark, Louise Neaderland, Yoko Ono, Benjamin Patterson, Howardena Pendell, Lilliana Porter, Ed Ruscha, Lucas Samaras, Carolee Schneemann, Clarissa Sligh, Barbara T. Smith, Keith Smith, Michelle Stewart, Melody Sumner, Sylvia de Swaan, Cecilia Vicuña, and Reginald Walker.

Exhibition Catalog

Craft & Conceptual Art: Reshaping the Legacy of Artists’ Books
Edition: 500
Year: 2023
Binding: Perfect Bound Softcover
Dimensions: 9 x 14 inches
Pages: 120
ISBN: 1978-1-951163-15-5

This new critical text connects the legacies of craft and conceptual art through artists’ books including the writing of Megan N. Liberty, David Senior, and Sur Sur.

Solo Exhibitions

Photos of Solo Project Exhibition: Makes/Reads

On view Oct 10–Dec 12, 2020
Artist: Morcos Key

  • a variety of artists books sit on two shelves
  • a variety of artists books sit on two shelves
  • view of books on a dramatically lit wall

Exhibition Catalog

white cover with transparent text
Makes Reads (2020)

Edition: unlimited
Year: 2020
Binding: Soft cover, saddle stitched
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5
Pages: 24

Exhibition catalogue for the 2020 exhibition Makes/Reads at Center for Book Arts. Includes an introduction, a list and illustrations of books exhibited, an interview with Jon Key and Wael Morcos with Debbie Millman.

Photos of Solo Project Exhibition: Remembering Walter Hamady

On view Jan 16–Mar 28, 2020
Artist: Walter Hamady

  • View of Hamady exhibition at CBA Bindery Gallery

Exhibition Catalog

handmade paper cover with letterpress printed title
Remembering Walter Hamady (2019) Letterpress cover

Remebering Walter Hamady
Edition: 100
Year: 2019
Binding: Hand Sewn Softcover
Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 inches
Pages: 28

Exhibition catalogue for the 2019 exhibition Remembering Walter Hamady: Selections from the Perishable Press at Center for Book Arts. This book celebrates the life and career of Walter Hamady. As a pioneer of bookbinding, printmaking and collage, Hamady created the Perishable Press as a space for experimentation and innovation in the field of book arts. By collaborating with other poets, writers and artists, Hamady brought others into the realm of bookmaking, expanding the reach of the medium. In this exhibition, we present a survey of his work over the span of four decades and numerous collaborations, with poets like Robert Creeley, Rosmarie Waldrop, George Oppen, and others.

Photos of Solo Project Exhibition: Father Gave Water/Baabaa Aab Daad

On view January 14 – March 26, 2022
Artist: Golnar Adili

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