Embroidery On and Off the Page (Summer 2021)

Image of textile with embroidered flowers
Iviva faces away from you wearing her artwork like a cape
Borders Are Meant To Be Crossed by Iviva Olenick
embroidery of people in different windows of a large apartment building
We Met During Quarantine (2020) Iviva Olenick

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This class will take place on:

  • Thurs, August 12th, 2:00-4:00pm ET

In this two-hour workshop, students will learn a glossary of beginner and intermediate embroidery stitches, experimenting with them on fabric and paper. Students will also try using Pellon interfacing, observing how it affects the texture and feel of embroidery on fabric and paper, and the subtle ways it might change the process of making different stitches. The instructor will emphasize ways embroidery intersects with book arts, including encouraging students to apply stitches to create text and images, and piercing or poking holes to make images or words without thread. Finally, the instructor will provide tips for transferring drawings and/or text onto fabric or paper from a digital or physical source.

Required Materials:

About the Instructor

Iviva Olenick is a Brooklyn-based artist developing textiles from seed to fiber and dye and textiles as texts. Her work has been exhibited all over the United States, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Museum of Design Atlanta; the Hunterdon Museum, NJ; Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling, NYC; the Center for Book Arts, NYC; the Old Stone House, Brooklyn; Wyckoff House Museum, Brooklyn. Iviva is a faculty member of SVA’s MFA Art Practice program where she teaches Fibers. In addition, she gives artist talks and designs intensive textile-based workshops for museums and universities.

Top image: detail of Iviva Olenick’s work. All images courtesy of the instructor.

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