Magnificent Unlikely Pop-Up Bird (Evening Session)

Magnificent Unlikely Bird by Paula Krieg
Magnificent Unlikely Bird by Paula Krieg
Paula Krieg
Image courtesy of the artist.

Event Info

This class will take place on:

  • Mon, July 19th 6:00–8:00pm ET

This is the second part of an evening series of standalone classes to be held virtually throughout the summer.

Each class will begin with instruction of how to create something artist Paula Krieg has been enchanted by. Students will make their own version of what is taught. This is a single-session class which provides a foundation and generalized template to bring forth an expansive pop-up bird, ready for you to apply your own patterns and messages on their glorious wings.

Required Materials

  • A PDF will be emailed to students
  • 8 pieces of cover weight paper (67 lb) with the PDF images printed on them
  • Cutting tools, such as scissors and cutting blade
  • An adhesive such as glue stick or white glue
  • Tools for decoration such as makers, cut paper, or embroidery thread

You may purchase an optional materials kit for the class here. This kit includes two copies of the bird template, one white and the other in colors. Please allow time for the instructor to ship this kit to you before the workshop.

About the Instructor

Paula Krieg has spent thirty years collaborating with teachers to create projects for the classroom. In 2019-2020, she exhibited math/artwork in the Bridges Math/Art exhibition. Paula has taught workshops at the Center for Book Arts, Museum of Mathematics, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dieu Donne. She has presented at various conferences, including MOVES 2019: Math Unfolded: The Mathematical Art of Origami. Paula coauthored Scholastic’s 25 Totally Terrific Social Studies Activities alongside Jean Mumper and Kathy Pike. Her work has been featured in Helen Hiebert’s book, Paper Illuminated, Lark Books’s Making Books and Journals, and Diane Mauer-Mathison’s The Art and Craft of Handmade Cards.

All images courtesy of the instructor.

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