A crucial way our Fine Art and Reference collections grow is by generous donations of books by our community.

The below books are publications that our community has asked we keep in our library or that we know would be a great fit.

Here’s how it works: use the link provided to buy the book. Ship it to Gillian Lee c/o Center for Book Arts, 28 W 27th St Fl 3, New York, NY 10001—or, if you’re in New York, ship it to yourself and drop it off so we can thank you in person! If you ship it to us, email your receipt to collections@centerforbookarts.org. Either way we will send you a donation receipt for your tax records.

We will remove books from the list as they are donated. Please also tell us if you consent to us crediting you as the donor in the catalog record.

Gillian puts a book back on a crowded bookshelf.

Photo by Oswaldo García.

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Thought experiments in Graphic Design EducationYván Martínez Arguiarro; Joshua Trees9780957350915; 0957350910Currently sold out but maybe somedayThis would be a great contemporary addition to our typography section.
Image Text MusicCatherine TaylorBuy on publisher’s siteMany visiting researchers are interested in photobooks and, specifically, the interplay of
text and image. This contemporary book from a publisher we love covers that subject specifically.
Duotones, Tritones, and QuadtonesNick Clark9780811814263; 0811814262Buy on Amazon 🙁Intended for photographers, this book can also provide
inspiration to those using multiple colors on the Risograph.
In Numbers : Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955Philip Aarons, Andrew Roth9780971548077Buy from Printed Matter 🙂An excellent historical look at artists’ serials, which happens to
be a special interest of mine, and is also relevant to the zinesters and writers in our community.
Queer Zines, Vol. 2Philip Aarons, AA BronsonBuy from Printed Matter 🙂A bibliography of zines by queer zinemakers. The LGBTQIA+
community has always been present in CBA’s studios and collections and we want to keep being a historical resource in that way.
Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972Lucy R. Lippard9780520210134Buy from BookshopWe love materials, but we also love concept…Here is the field upon
which the conflict may play out.
Digital Color and TypeRob Carter9782880466886Buy from AbeBooks
THE THING, THE BOOKJonn Herschend and Will RoganBuy from Open EditionsA totally thrilling, collaborative exploration of the overlap between
object and book.
Artists’ books : Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1971-2008edited by Joan LyonsBuy on VSW’s siteWe love VSW’s work and it would be fitting to have a retrospective
book on them in our collections.
Cover to Cover: The Artists’ Book in PerspectiveRob Perrée9789056622824; 905662282XBuy from Abebooks
Freedom of the Presses: Artists’ Books in the Twenty-First CenturyMarshall WeberBuy from AmazonThis is an exciting discussion of artists’ books as a platform to
engage communities and organize around social justice causes.
Artists’ Magazines:
An Alternative Space for Art
Gwen Allen9780262528412Buy from MIT PressAnother important book as we grow our holdings related to artists’ serial publication.
Aspects of Contemporary Book DesignEd. Richard Hendel9781609381752Buy from University of Iowa Press
A Book of the BookJerome Rothenberg and Stephen Clay9781887123280Buy from Granary Books
10×10 Japanese PhotobooksPublisher: 10×10 Photobooks978-0-692-20866-3Sold out but let us know if you have a used copy…A gorgeous and crucial look at Japanese photobooks to serve our
large community of photographers and photobook-interested patrons.
10×10 American PhotobooksPublisher: 10×10 Photobooks and bookdummypress978-0-9896888-0-2Same 🙁It was published in a small edition of 500 copies…sigh…
Concrete Poetry:
A 21st-Century Anthology
Edited by Nancy PerloffBuy from UChicago
Fluxus Means Change: Jean Brown’s Avant-Garde ArchiveMarcia Reed9781606066621On backorder at BookshopWe anticipate increased interest in Fluxus and book arts as a result of the Beau Geste Press exhibition, Summer 2023.
Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles ApartmentsVirginia Heckert978-1-60606-138-1Buy from the Getty
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