Mapping Correspondence: Mail Art in the 21st Century

This exhibition invited artists, who in turn invited additional participants, to submit work via the postal service, creating a network of communication that reflects the complex and varied meaning of the book, mapping, and social networking in the 21st century. Mail art is a democratic genre outside of the traditional system of art consumption through commercial galleries. In addition to the contemporary work, the exhibition features work by some of most influential artists and collaboratives of the movement, including Ray Johnson, Buster Cleveland, Dick Higgins, General Idea and vintage Anna Banana.

Historical work is on loan from various sources, including Scott McCarney, Barbara Moore, Gordon Simpson, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Franklin Furnace Archive, the Davi Det Hompson Archive at Virginia Commonwealth University, and the Center for Book Arts’ own collection. Featuring new work by : Abner Trellis, Adam Lowenbein, Aijung Kim, Alison Josephs, Amanda Thackery, Amelia Grohman, amk, Andres Brcz, Andrea Poulsen, Andrew Krieger, Anna Banana, Anonymous, anticham, Arthur Cravan, Asha Ganpat, b.saved, Beverly Sokol, Bill Thomson, Bob Holman, Bo DuVall, Bob & Roberta Smith, Brad Birchett, Bruce Licher, buZ blurr, Buzz Spector, Carol Davis, Carol Stetser, Cathy Cullen, Chae Ho Lee, Charlotte Cooney, Cheryl Solomon, Chip Duyck, Chris George, Clarissa Sligh, Craig Saper, Cris Katearee, Dale Roberts, Delphi Basilicato, Diego Sanchez, Dikko Faust, Doug Beube, Doug Michael, Ed Varney, Edward Shalala, Emily Barrows, Eric Knutzon, Esther Smith, Felicia Gilman, Luc Fierens, Francis Duchamp, Franticham,Genie Shenk, Georgia Luna Smith Faust, Heather Green, Heidi Cody, Ina Archer, ivarykeith, Jack Cook, James Prez, Jamie Hart, Jane Gardner-Clayson, Jennifer Magee, Jeremy Schmall, Jessie Voorsanger, Jill Conner, Joanna Gardner, Joe Zane, John M. Bennett, Jon Esser, Josh Werner, Joshua Blank, Joy Cox, Judith Hoffberg, Christopher Gordon, Julia Featheringill, Justin Lincoln, Karen Zimmermann, Kat Bridges, Keiichi Nakamura, Kelly Dobson, Kelly Lonergan, Ken Montgomery, Kevin Guinn, Kevin Madill, Kimberly Purser, Kirsten Nelson, KK Kozik, Kym Olsen Laura Ferguson, Laura Kikauka, Lauren Marsella, Leonard Seastone, Ligorano/Reese, Lissi Erwin, Mailarta, Mark Bryant, Mark Wagner, Matt Knannlein, Meg Belichick, Michelle Dussault, Miguel Jimenez Zenon, Mika Dashman, Minny Lee, Miriam Schaer, Nancy Loeber, Noelle Tan, Peter Fillingham, Peter Kruty, Phil Zimmermann, Pistol Pete, Polly EllaNora Smith Faust, Rachel Wiecking, Ramak Fazel, Richard Kostelanetz, Richard Tipping, R. J. Eck, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Robert The, Rod Summers VEC, Ronald Baatz, Roni Gross, Ruth Lingen, Sally Gardner, Sarah McCarry, Sarah Owen, Sayre Gaydos, S. C. Durkin, SCOTTATUKS, Sheila Lanham, Shinsuke Aso, Snappy, Stacie Birchett, Steven Dressler, Sue Gardner Smith, Sue O’Donnell, Tae Won Yu, Tom Butter, Tony White, Victoria May Vittore Baroni, Vittorio Bacelli, Warren Lehrer, Willym Rowe, Zabeth Loisel-Weiner.

Support for the Center for Book Arts’ visual arts programming is provided, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Exhibition Views

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